How to Make Double Brewed Coffee

Does brewing coffee with coffee sound crazy? Maybe you are not familiar with the idea of double brewing coffee. It is a pretty simple process that improves the taste of your coffee. Well, after reading this article, you will have the skills and knowledge to do it.

What is Double Brewed Coffee?

There are two methods to do it:

  • Brew your coffee with double the amount of grounds than you usually use
  • Brew coffee twice. Use already brewed coffee instead of water the second time.

Why choose Double Brewed Coffee?


Iced Coffee

In summer, taking a cup of iced coffee is refreshing. You can try making your coffee at home instead of spending the $4 at a coffee shop. Nonetheless, home coffee is not as sweet as one form the coffee shop. Adding ice cubes to your coffee will damper its flavor.

With double brewed coffee, it gives your coffee a bolder flavor. Even after adding some sweeteners and creamers, your coffee will be tastier. How is this possible? By doubling the amount of coffee, the flavor is improved.

While you can try other methods of making iced coffee, this method is quicker.

Other Specialty Drinks

Iced coffee is the most popular double brewed coffee. Other specialty will need you to use the espresso. A lot goes into the making of velvety rich espresso. You can try the lattes, breves, mochas, and other espresso drinks if you are not ready to try brewing at home.

More Caffeine

Almost every coffee lover takes it because they are somehow addicted to caffeine. Double brewed coffee is best since it provides double the amount of caffeine in a normal cup of coffee.

Two appliances are used in the process, thus yielding different levels of caffeine.

If you are too sensitive to caffeine, the double brewed coffee may not be best for you. But on a tough day, this is the perfect drink.


How to Double Brew Coffee

  1. Two Times the Grounds

The method works well when drip coffee makers are in use. The automatic machine should handle more than the normal amounts of grounds. Use 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. For double brew, use 4 tablespoons.

  1. Use Coffee Instead of Water

Pro Tips:

Keep an eye on temperatures: avoid using hot basket since it messes your coffee flavor.

Keep an eye on grit: coffee grinds occasionally passes through the filter into your cup. The leftover grids may mess up the taste of your coffee. It is recommended that you use a drip coffee maker for the first round of double brew.

What you need;

  • A combination of a French press, drip coffee machine, and percolator.
  • Dark roast coffee for espresso-type beverages
  • Light/medium roast iced coffee or very strong hot coffee

How to Brew

Using Percolator

Follow the normal process using a percolator. Let the basket cool and repeat the process with coffee instead of water.

Pro Tip: Using the French Press produces the best coffee flavor.

Using Drip Coffee Machine

Make coffee using standard procedures with the drip machine.

For the best full-flavored double brew coffee, use the drip coffee from the first round.

The Takeaway

Brewed coffee is good. Double brewed coffee is gold. Try making it today yourself.