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Does the Cup You Drink from Make Your Coffee?

woman drinking from white coffee cup

China, ceramic, plastic, glass. Coffee mugs come in all shapes, colors and styles. The coffee mug industry has been booming for decades! We buy mugs for birthday gifts, for gag gifts and for anniversary gifts. We delight in the comical sayings they taut and vivid colors they display.

But does the kind of cup you use change the way your coffee tastes??? You bet it does!! Ask any coffee connoisseur!

Have you ever had a great tasting cup of joe in your mug in the morning and then poured your second cup for the commute in a plastic travel mug. Bet you hit the open road, grabbed your plastic travel mug and prepared to enjoy the flavor – NOT! The plastic takes something away from the flavor. It just doesn’t taste the same!

Or how about the good ole days of styrofoam! Remember that extra toxic flavor everyone survived as they sipped hot coffee at the family reunion from their styrofoam cup??

Using ceramic or china really can’t be topped. All the flavors and aromas seem to be enhanced by this container. There is nothing better than sitting down to a piece of pie after Sunday dinner and using Grandma’s china cup for my Amaretto Coffee! It’s so smooth!

Are there scientific tests and data to back up my claims – you got me? I haven’t found any yet! So I leave it up to you – am I imagining the flavor change from one type of cup to another, ordo I really have a point ?!!