Does Nespresso Make Regular Coffee?

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on March 30th, 2023

Some mornings, you crave that quick and intense shot of espresso to kickstart your day. Other times, you want to slow down and enjoy a comforting mug of regular coffee. So, the million-dollar question is—can your Nespresso machine deliver both?

The Short Answer: Yes, with the Right Model Let’s cut to the chase—Nespresso machines can make regular coffee, but the type of machine you have makes all the difference. Here’s the lowdown on the two main Nespresso lines: Original and Vertuo.

A Tale of Two Nespresso Lines As of 2014, Nespresso introduced two distinct lines of machines: the Original Line and the VertuoLine. Each line has its own unique features and brews different types of drinks. Let’s dive into the key differences:

Nespresso Lines Comparison:

Original LineVertuoLine
Drink SizesRistretto (25 ml)Ristretto
Espresso (40 ml)Espresso
Lungo (110 ml)Gran Lungo (150 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Alto XL (415 ml)
Coffee TypeEspresso-based drinksEspresso & Coffee
Brewing TechnologyHigh pressureCentrifugal force

Key Differences:

  • Original Line is geared towards espresso lovers and offers three drink sizes: ristretto, espresso, and lungo.
  • VertuoLine caters to both espresso and coffee drinkers and offers five drink sizes, including larger coffee options.
  • Original Line uses high pressure for brewing, while VertuoLine uses centrifugal force.

Original Line: Espresso Lovers Unite!

The Original Line is your go-to for authentic espresso. Popular models like the Pixie, CitiZ, Essenza, Creatista, and Lattissima brew three drink sizes. While they don’t make your usual cup of coffee, they do make a mean Americano. Simply brew a lungo, eject the capsule, brew another lungo sans capsule, and you’ve got a 220-ml Americano to savor!

VertuoLine: Meet Your Coffee Match

If a 220-ml Americano won’t cut it, the VertuoLine is here to save the day. Designed with North American coffee drinkers in mind, VertuoLine models make FIVE sizes, ranging from ristretto to alto XL. So, if you’re craving a full-size coffee, VertuoLine is your go-to Nespresso buddy.

The Verdict: Take Your Pick

To sum it up, if you’re an espresso enthusiast, the Original Line is right up your alley. If regular coffee is your jam, the VertuoLine is your trusty companion. And hey, if you’re not into espresso at all, a regular coffee machine has your back.

Enjoy your Nespresso experience, and happy brewing!


How is Nespresso different from Keurig?

Nespresso offers both espresso and coffee options, while Keurig focuses on drip coffee. Plus, Nespresso uses recyclable aluminum capsules, unlike Keurig’s plastic K-Cups.

Can I use my own coffee in Nespresso machines?

Absolutely! Refillable capsules are available for both Vertuo and Original machines. Just note that refillable Vertuo capsules may not have optimized brew instructions.

In Conclusion

Savor the Moment Whether you’re a die-hard espresso aficionado or a regular coffee enthusiast, Nespresso has a machine that caters to your preferences. With the Original Line’s intense espresso shots and the VertuoLine’s variety of coffee sizes, you can craft your ideal cup of coffee every time. So go ahead—sip, savor, and enjoy the Nespresso experience that’s tailored just for you!

Remember, coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a moment of indulgence, a ritual, and a beloved part of your daily routine. Cheers to many delightful coffee moments ahead!


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