Are There Any Documentary on Coffee? Here’s 10

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If you love coffee, you want to know the history, its roots, health benefits, cool facts about coffee, and other people’s passion for coffee. Watching these documentaries will help you appreciate your coffee. Curious about which documentaries on coffee are worth watching? Here are our coffee documentaries you don’t want to miss.

List of documentaries about coffee

1. Paris Coffee Project

paris coffee project

Paris Coffee Project is a fascinating documentary, tracking the development of the specialty coffee scene in one of the world’s most enchanting cities–Paris!

It was difficult to find very good coffee in Paris until a certain point. That all changed a couple of years ago when lots of cafes all over the City of Lights started to pop up. The filmmakers are traveling all over Paris to find these specialty cafes and find out what makes coffee really Parisian.

2. Barista: The Battle For The Perfect Cup Is On!


Barista, a film that tracks five baristas before the well-known National Barista Championship, is one of the films you can’t afford to miss. This film will definitely provide you with new insights and even strategies that can carry the coffee game to the next level, even if you are very experienced about making coffee.

Although in terms of hobbies, coffee is quite a niche area, Barista is a documentary accessible on some of the most popular streaming platforms. Look for this film on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or iTunes if you want to watch Barista.

3. Connected By Coffee

connected by coffee

If you’re into coffee and roasting history, as well as the farmers who make the coffee we’re drinking, Connected By Coffee will be the film to see.

Connected By Coffee takes a closer look at coffee development and roasting social aspects. The documentary follows two coffee farmers ‘ lives, covering areas like Central America, Nicaragua, and even Mexico.

The Connected By Coffee movie covers a lot of social issues. It takes an honest look at the principle of fair trade, showing how small farmers and their local communities are affected by coffee production.

Contrary to our previous documentary, on various streaming services, Connected By Coffee is not as widely available. You can still stream this interesting movie on iTunes, however.

4. A Film About Coffee

film coffee

No cofffee film gets to the heart more than A Film About Coffee. This magnificent film, as the title suggests, looks at how coffee is made from A to Z. It starts with the production process in Honduras from a crop in Rwanda. It also involves following the farmers ‘ lives, roasters, buyers, and even the barista that delivers the final product.

A Film About Coffee blends in with those who are all about specialty coffee and its roots. If you’re interested in making and serving coffee from harvest to delivery, this will be the film you’ll want to see. Go to iTunes to stream this wonderful documentary.

5. Caffeinated


If you love a coffee movie, you’ll love Caffeinated too. The movie is very close to A Film About Coffee; it explores the whole coffee experience as well. This comprises countless interviews with producers and baristas, covering a wide range of topics specific to coffee.

You’ll hear all you need to know about things like espresso, artisanal chocolate, and even barista contests around the world because of the variety of people talked to during this film!

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Caffeinated is a movie that everyone can enjoy, unlike A Film About Coffee. To get something useful from this film, you don’t have to be a coffee specialist. If you’re willing to find out more about specialty coffee and its processes, this is your film.

6. A Story Of Coffee

story coffee

A History Of Coffee is an intriguing documentary that documents the whole coffee process. However, this time the journey starts in Ethiopia, where the coffee is obtained from. You will then travel around the world to coffee houses, bringing you to subjects such as roasts, caffeine content, and even how to make the best cup of coffee in your kitchen. Make sure to head over to Amazon Prime if you want to stream this interesting documentary.

7. Black Gold

black gold coffee movie

This is one of the more in-depth films on coffee, but also the individuals behind the creation of coffee. Black Gold is a 2006 film that tracks an Ethiopian labor leader to get a better price for the coffee beans he makes after the war. The film, of course, focuses on fair trade and other related issues.

If you’re a coffee lover who loves some of the things behind the development of coffee, this movie is for you.

8. Coffee For All

coffee for all

If you’re looking for a documentary to capture some of the coffee drinking’s unusual yet casual side, then Coffee For All is going to be your documentary. The film explores a concept called “suspended espresso,” an ancient tradition preserved in Naples, Italy. It’s a paying it forward idea, so it’s certainly a feel-good movie that’s going to look at coffee in a different angle.

You’re purchasing two cups of coffee when you go into a café in Naples. One cup of coffee is for you, but the next one is going to go to somebody who can’t afford a cup of coffee. On its own, the idea is impressive.

Coffee for all is actually available on Netflix as a film and you can view it in a variety of languages, including Portuguese, English and Italian.

9. The Coffee Man

the coffee man

Whether you want to watch baristas as they train for worldwide events, you’ll enjoy The Coffee Guy. The movie follows a barista, as well as his quest to become one of the world’s best baristas.

The Coffee Man follows Sasa Sestic’s, winning Seattle’s 2015 World Barista Championship (WBC). Competitors from 52 nations are participating in the contest, so if anyone knows his brew, it’s him. The movie explores everything from sneaking Australian milk via immigration to getting the perfect taste to doing whatever it takes to become the greatest barista!

You can watch on various streaming services if you’d like to watch The Coffee Man, including iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo on Demand, and Amazon Prime. The movie is released in twelve languages.

10. Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee is a 2011 documentary film exploring and explaining the effect of tort reform on the U.S. judiciary. The title comes from and the film relies heavily on the landmark case Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, in which the plaintiff Liebeck was badly burned after pouring onto her lap hot coffee purchased from a McDonald’s.

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