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A recent food trend that has taken TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube by storm is Dalgona Coffee. This is a new trend as Vice reports that the phrase “Dalgona Coffee” was non-existent on Google until January 26, 2020, when there was a tiny blip of interest.

But the trend has received millions of views within a span of a few weeks. TikTok alone recorded about 141.4 million views for the hashtag dalgona coffee, and the numbers are in millions too on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

But what is dalgona coffee, and why is the trend too popular among the people? We’ll answer all the questions that are striking your mind in the following section. 

Dalgona Coffee

What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona Coffee

This is the first question that triggers the mind when we hear Dalgona coffee. Doesn’t it?

Dalgona Coffee is a two-toned coffee with foam on top of the iced milk. This beverage is named after a South Korean candy, Dalgona (Honeycomb) or Ppopgi, because the Coffee froth resembles the foam formed while preparing the dalgona when its constituents are mixed.  

Origin of the Dalgona Coffee Trend:  

The Times of India reports that the Dalgona coffee trend originated recently in South Korea after a South Korean actor shared a picture of the coffee that reminded him of the Dalgona Honeycomb.

However, it also claims that Dalgona Coffee is not a brand-new innovation. Instead, it is the same as the Indian “Phenti hui coffee” or “Beaten coffee.” The only difference between Dalgona Coffee and Indian “Phenti hui coffee” is in the preparation.

In the making of the Dalgona Coffee, iced milk is used, and the coffee foam is poured on the top of the milk compared to the Indian version, which is prepared using hot milk, and the foam is placed at the bottom of the glass.  

How to make the Dalgona Coffee:

dalgona recipe

The recipe for Dalgona Coffee is very simple. It is made using simple ingredients that are present all time in your pantry.

Any Guesses….?

The ingredients of Dalgona Coffee are instant coffee, white sugar, water, and milk.

Yes, that’s it.

To make the Coffee, first of all, you need to make the coffee foam that will go on the top of iced milk as in the picture. Mix two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of white sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water to prepare the foam.

After mixing all these ingredients, whip the mixture vigorously until it turns foamy and the foam is ready. In the next step, pour iced milk into a cup or glass and pour the coffee foam on top of the milk.

That’s it. Isn’t it simple?

Types of the Dalgona Coffee:

Dalgona Coffee

As the trend went viral, people are experimenting with the original recipe and sharing their versions of the Dalgona coffee. Here are the few different varieties of Dalgona Coffee:

Milo Dalgona:

This variant of dalgona coffee is prepared using instant coffee, white sugar, hot water, milk, and milo powder. Mix two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of white sugar, and two tablespoons of milo powder in a small bowl to prepare the coffee foam.

Next, beat the mix manually or using the electric mixer until it turns foamy. After that, pour the froth on top of the iced milk.

That’s it. Milo dalgona is ready…….

Matcha Dalgona:

Matcha Dalgona, also called green tea latte, is a dalgona variant that contains the light and fluffy matcha foam floating on top of the latte. It is different from the standard dalgona coffee as its main ingredient is Matcha, which is green tea powder instead of coffee powder.

To make the Matcha dalgona, you must prepare the foam topping. To make the foam, take an egg white and beat it until it turns light and fluffy.

Next, take a quarter cup of sugar and the same quantity of water in a pan and put the pan on the stove. Heat the mixture gently to prevent crystallization.

Transfer this sugar and water mixture to the same bowl containing the beaten egg white and beat the mixture again. Continue beating until you notice the mixture has turned shiny. Next, add one tablespoon of matcha powder, and Dalgona Matcha is ready to serve. 

Dalgona milk tea:

Dalgona milk tea is very popular these days and is easy to make too. The recipe involves a cup of milk, a tablespoon of white granulated sugar, half a cup of tea, baking soda, and water. Start the procedure by making sugar candy.

To make sugar candy, take a pan and add sugar. Melt the sugar on low flame and keep stirring, so the sugar does not burn. When the sugar starts caramelizing, slowly add a pinch of baking soda and continue stirring. After adding baking soda, it will turn into thick, fluffy, and light-colored syrup.

Transfer the syrup to butter paper and allow it to dry until it becomes hard candy. Roughly break the candy into small pieces. To serve Dalgona milk tea, take a glass and pour cold milk and tea into it. Add some ice cubes and candy on top, and enjoy. 

Strawberry milk Dalgona:

Strawberry milk Dalgona is a latte containing fresh strawberry chunks placed at the bottom of the glass. To make a glass of Strawberry milk Dalgona, you will need a tablespoon of instant coffee, a cup of cold milk, sugar, hot water, strawberry pieces, and ice cubes.

To prepare coffee, add coffee powder and white sugar to hot water and whisk it until it becomes fluffy. Take a glass. Place small strawberry chunks at its bottom. Then add ice cubes and milk. You can also crush the strawberry. Finally, top the milk with fluffy coffee foam, and Strawberry milk Dalgona is ready. 

Oreo Milk Dalgona: 

Just like Strawberry milk dalgona, Oreo milk Dalgona is very easy to make, and recipes are almost the same, except you will need Oreo biscuits to make it instead of strawberry chunks.

First, make the coffee by mixing a tablespoon of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water.

Whip the mixture until it becomes light and foamy. For serving, take a glass. Add ground Oreo biscuits at the bottom of the glass, followed by ice cubes and cold milk. Add foamy coffee on top, and you have a glass of delicious Oreo milk Dalgona prepared in less than ten minutes. 

Final Thoughts:

Dalgona Coffee has become a popular trend during the quarantine days. According to Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director, “Dalgona Coffee has broken the Internet, taking over our feeds be it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The interest from social media has also expanded onto our platform as Malaysians need to get their ingredients and equipment to make the beverage and are turning online to do so.

“We recorded a sudden surge in interest and purchases of Dalgona Coffee-related products such as Nescafe classic, Nescafe Gold, instant black coffee, Korea’s KANU coffee, sugar, whisk, electric whisk, and hand mixer.”

Have you tried Dalgona Coffee? If yes, do share your experience with us. If not, try following the recipe shared in this article.


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