13 Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette YOU Need to Follow

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on July 30th, 2022

Like other young professionals, you might work a few days a week remotely. Of course, your home office or perhaps a coworking space will be where you spend most of your time.

Many people, however, also take pleasure in working remotely from coffee shops. It’s crucial to be informed about working in a coffee shop etiquette before leaving your favorite neighborhood spot. 

Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette

Here are the key components of working in a coffee shop etiquette:

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Use headphones

Use headphones to accept calls, listen to your music or podcasts, and respect others around you when working in a coffee shop. Many cafes will play their soundtrack in the background.

Remember that some individuals go to coffee shops to escape the noise and distractions found at home or the workplace. Avoid using your phone or laptop because it could annoy people working or enjoying coffee. 

Take the smallest table

There’s a good chance that other people are also using that public place when you’re working in a cafe. Consider how much room you’re taking up. Most coffee shops include shared tables and sofas that may accommodate several customers at once.

As you prepare your workspace for the day, keep this in mind. Taking over an entire table while others may want to use that area is considered poor manners. Make an effort to bring as little as possible to a coffee shop. 

Make a purchase

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One of the most crucial etiquette guidelines when working at a coffee shop is this. Getting something from the drink and snack menus is vital regardless of how long you plan to remain. Remember that the cafe employees who unavoidably clean up after you go will benefit from your purchase and tip. 

Avoid streaming

It’s crucial to remember that a coffee shop’s internet likely isn’t as fast as that found in offices or coworking spaces. Try not to impede other customers’ ability to use the internet when working in a cafe because you share it with them. Avoid using streaming video or other resources that consume a lot of bandwidth.

Don’t talk loudly

Using your “indoor voice” is still considered whether speaking to a buddy in person or on the phone. Always respect other customers’ requests for some peace as many people visit coffee shops to get inspired, read, listen to music (with headphones), escape the busy world, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee. 

Limit your calls

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Additionally, keep in mind that cafes rarely feature private areas from which to receive calls while using the internet. Of course, coffee shops offer different vibes; some can have many secluded areas where you can hold private meetings. The less noise you make on your calls during the day, the better because other consumers and remote workers can find it annoying. 

Turn off your sound notifications

One of my pet peeves is someone typing away on their phone and hearing that “ping” noise as they go wild with their thumb. I don’t think this is solely for coffee shops, this should be an overall etiquette everywhere. Sound is space, and it can be very invasive!

Don’t sit at a stranger’s table. 

It isn’t a vacant seat. “You can’t sit here; this seat is taken,” states personal space. 

Don’t hog the outlets. 

For this specific purpose, many coffee shops feature multiple outlets scattered throughout the space. You’ll want to be careful not to hog the outlets if you’re not in one of those posh locations where there seems to be one at every seat.

You can charge your devices if you need to, but be careful not to hog the outlet for too long. Additionally, avoid attempting to charge every gadget at once. Additionally, be mindful of where your wires finish, so no one trips over them. 


Clean up your table a little

Not every waiter or waitress is compensated for wiping off your tables. Clean the table and return it to the counter or designated areas for dirty dishes if self-service is specified or if you are presented with the tray. Keep it dry and uncluttered so waiters or waitresses can clean it up more quickly.

Don’t bring your food to a coffee shop.

You’ll surely buy a drink there, but a full meal? Ignore it. Although it seems like a wise economic decision, your baristas will undoubtedly view it as being somewhat impolite. 

When it comes to cuisine from other places, this is especially true. However, bringing a sandwich from home is also not a smart move. Get lunch at the coffee shop or eat it before you go. 

Don’t overstay

The more clients a coffee shop or cafe has, the better off it is financially. If there are no empty chairs nearby, look around and decide whether it’s appropriate for you to remain here for a long time. If you decide to remain, stock up on drinks, food, and tip generously. 

When working from a coffee shop, four hours is a decent amount of time to adhere to. 

Tip your barista

It’s always a good idea to leave a little extra money in the tip jar when you get your coffee.

It shows your appreciation for the hard work your barista puts in every day to make your coffee just the way you like it. Plus, it’s a nice way to make someone’s day a little brighter.

After all, the people working there are doing a lot to make sure you have a good experience.

And just like you would pay rent for a real office space, it’s important to be respectful of the space you’re using.

Instead of being “that person” who comes in and buys nothing, tips nothing. Giving your baristas tip now and then can make them appreciate you being there, and make your life a lot easier, when they are happy.


Working remotely from a coffee shop can be very productive, but it’s crucial to be mindful of the customs there. Adhering to these suggestions can profit from being a nice customer and working in a cafe. 


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