Why Use Milk Powder For Coffee?

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on July 27th, 2023

As an avid coffee drinker myself, the pursuit of that perfect cup of joe has always been a thrilling quest. With my experience in experimenting with various coffee additions, I’ve discovered one ingredient that often goes unnoticed – milk powder. Its blend of convenience, nutrition, and versatility makes it a stellar substitute for traditional liquid creamer.

Making the Switch from Liquid Creamer to Milk Powder

My personal journey with coffee has led me to various corners of the coffee world. The one constant? The use of creamers for a smooth, creamy texture. However, the frequent problem with liquid creamer is its short shelf-life, around two weeks post-opening. If you don’t consume it daily, the likelihood of wastage is high.

milk and milk powder

Enter milk powder. Not only does it have an extended shelf life, but its storage in the pantry saves you from the fridge-space tug of war, a problem I often face in my kitchen.

Milk Powder: A Healthier, More Versatile Alternative

Comparatively, milk powder beats both liquid and dry coffee creamers in terms of sugar content. As per data from the USDA, a single tablespoon of milk powder contains less than 2 grams of sugar. This lower sugar content, coupled with the nutrient density of powdered milk, makes it an excellent choice for health-focused individuals like myself.

Milk powder isn’t just about your coffee, either. Its versatile nature means you can incorporate it into various recipes, a tip I’ve found particularly useful for baking. Infused with coffee grounds, non-fat milk powder can significantly enhance your baking experience.

The Nutritional Edge of Milk Powder

When it comes to nutrients, milk powder wins hands down against powdered creamers. Despite being dehydrated, milk powder retains most nutrients found in a regular glass of milk, including protein, calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. As someone who prioritizes nutrient intake, I’ve found powdered milk to be an excellent addition to my daily coffee.

Conversely, powdered creamers, while offering flavors like vanilla and hazelnut, are often filled with processed ingredients. As such, milk powder presents a nourishing and flavor-neutral alternative.

The Ideal Way to Incorporate Milk Powder in Your Coffee

To avoid the common issue of grittiness, there are two tried-and-true methods I’ve adopted for smooth, creamy coffee using milk powder.

One way is by mixing milk powder directly with the coffee grounds before brewing. An established coffee roasting company, Brown Jenkins, recommends about 1 tablespoon per cup of brewed coffee.

Alternatively, for those who brew single cups, you can add the milk powder directly into the cup. I’ve found this method to be particularly effective in ensuring complete dissolving of the powder.

Milk Powder: Your Travel Companion

Another aspect that seals the deal for milk powder is its portability. As someone who often travels, I’ve found milk powder to be a convenient companion. Its easy-to-store nature allows you to separate it into smaller portions for on-the-go use, ensuring a good coffee experience no matter where you are.

Wrapping Up

As a coffee enthusiast, I can affirm that milk powder is the underestimated addition your morning coffee routine needs. Its shelf life, health benefits, and versatility make it a commendable substitute for liquid creamer. Incorporating milk powder can transform your coffee into a velvety smooth, nutrient-packed, and delicious beverage. The next time you’re brewing a cup, reach out for the milk powder, and you might just unlock a new level of coffee experience.

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