What Are Coffee Balls? The Sustainable Way to Drink

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on November 29th, 2022

In place of capsules, the Swiss retail behemoth Migros has introduced a new single-serve consumer coffee brewing device that utilizes Coffee Balls, spheres of pre-ground, condensed coffee.

While there are reusable k cups, this invention goes even further. It is zero-waste invention compared to using any reusable.


Who made coffee balls?

CoffeeB is a Swiss brand Migros invention that has created a revolutionary coffee system that uses Coffee Balls instead of traditional capsules.

The balls are made of compostable coffee grounds and are 100% recyclable. The company’s mission is to reduce the amount of waste produced by traditional coffee systems, and to provide a sustainable alternative that is as simple and easy to use.

How coffee ball works

The Globe, a device used in the new technique, makes Coffee Balls one by one. Each Coffee Ball comprises a thin, tasteless, colorless outer shell made of seaweed, which according to the manufacturer, also maintains freshness and gives the product capsule-like structural stability.

The coffee balls are completely compostable, unlike many of the current capsules available on the market, which contain plastic and aluminum; the seaweed cover can be disposed of directly in the compost bins with the used grounds or directly in the garden to decompose in a couple of weeks fully.

The new CoffeeB is the “first capsule method that does not create any waste,” according to the manufacturer.

It’s a fascinating advancement in coffee capsule technologies.

How are the coffee balls made?

The balls are created by squeezing finely ground coffee into a sphere and covering it with a barrier composed entirely of raw vegetable material to preserve its aroma and freshness. The finished product is completely biodegradable, so there is no need to worry about packaging waste.

The Globe machine has a modular design for easy maintenance and, if necessary, part replacement. It is manufactured in part from recyclable materials.

Each ball has 5.3-5.9 grams of pure ground coffee roasted by the Swiss brand Café Royal, depending on the product. One brewed ball yields cups that are between 40 and 110 milliliters (1.4-3.8 ounces) in volume. Eight coffee blends that are either USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance, or Fairtrade certified will be available once the system first launches.

CoffeeB flavors 

Currently, CoffeeB offers the following blends in recyclable cardboard containers, totaling eight distinct mixes:

  • Ristresso
  • Espresso Forte
  • Espresso Bio 
  • Espresso
  • Decaffeinato
  • LungoForte
  • Lungo Bio 
  • Lungo

How to brew coffee balls

These coffee balls are incompatible with other coffee makers, so you can’t just throw one in your Keurig and brew it. CoffeeB’s Globe coffee maker has to be purchased.

The innovative brewing mechanism of the machine entails soaking the ball first to make it pliable, puncturing it, filling it with water, and then extracting the coffee at a pressure rate of 7-12 bar.

How much do these coffee balls cost?

Coffee balls start at about $5 for a box of nine, while the CoffeeB Globe machine costs 149 Swiss Francs ($151). However, CoffeeB’s goods are available only in Switzerland, France, and Lichtenstein. Hopefully, the company will soon expand its commitment to sustainability to the rest of the globe.

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