Clever Coffee Dripper Review: Should You Buy it?

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The Clever Coffee Dripper is an immersion coffee maker designed to make manual coffee hassle-free and entertaining. It uses a unique locking feature that allows you to control steeping time and filtering the coffee effortlessly.

Clever Coffee Dripper 

Clever Coffee Dripper
Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters, Large 18 oz (Light Pink)| Barista's...
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It is made entirely of clear plastic, comes with a lid to help retain the heat, a plate to rest on, and works by adding ground coffee to a paper filter in the device. Hot water is added, and the grounds are allowed to steep for 2-3 minutes. 

Clever Coffee Dripper

It is shaped just like a standard pour-over brewer, but a valve on the bottom allows you to hold hot water in the brew cone. For that reason, it is considered an immersion-style coffee maker, meaning it can yield something like French Press coffee but without the muddy layer of fine coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Because it is so easy to use, it is a great unit for someone looking to try out manual brewing. Besides, it is a forgiving coffee maker that allows you to be as meticulous or lazy as you want.

What to consider when buying an immersion-style coffee maker

Clever Coffee Dripper

Immersion brewing is exactly like it sounds – you immerse coffee grounds in water. This style is all about full contact. That is, coffee grounds and hot water are in complete contact throughout brewing.

Immersion brewing is ideal for you if you prefer coffee beans that yield richer, more chocolatey flavors. When you let your grounds steep, they will get you a more full-bodied cup of coffee.


When it comes to the look, the Clever Dripper may disappoint a bit. Its springs, valves, vanes, and levers give it a visually indistinct look that can’t compare with the clean lines of something like a ceramic Hario V60 or Chemex. Design-wise this dripper isn’t that appearing if looking for something stylish that will make a statement. 


Pricewise, it falls into the upper-middle of our pack of pour-over coffee makers. This is because of the complexity of manufacturing the release mechanism and valve. Generally, you won’t regret dropping some cash for this unit. 

Ease of use

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to use this unit. To brew with it, pour in the grounds, fill the cone with water, keep an eye on the steeping time, and then drain. Freshly brewed coffee will start pouring once you release the valve. It is that simple!

Tip! If careless about where and how you place it while it’s in immersion mode, the valve can open.

Brew control ability

At the bottom of this unit is a locking mechanism that keeps your slurry inside the brew cone until you release it. This gives you extra control by allowing you to determine how long your coffee steeps in hot water. Note that the longer you leave your grounds in hot water before releasing, the more flavor will be extracted into the resulting drink. It is recommended to allow your grounds to steep for 2 – 3 three minutes.


Travel a lot? You will love the Clever Dripper. It is designed with lightweight BPA-free plastic and is more resistant to breakages than glass pour-over brewers. 

Brewing with Clever Coffer Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper
  • Put the paper filter into the dripper and rinse it to reduce paper taste and warm the dripper.
  • Grind (fine drip grind) immediately before you start brewing. We recommend using a relatively fine drip grind purposively to shorten the extraction time. If you decide to use a coarser grind, you may need to lengthen the extraction time. 
  • Add coffee into the filter
  • Add the water and cover. Wait 1.5 minutes, lift the cover, stir to mix the grounds and water fully, and re-cover.
  • At 4:00, stir one last time and place dripper on top of a mug to start draining coffee. Simply lift the dripper off the mug to stop the flow.

Pro tip! Adjust the ratio of coffee, water, and grind to suit your own preferences. If the grind is too coarse, it will filter too quickly. If too fine, it will filter too slowly and may be bitter. 


It is very easy to clean the Clever Coffee Dripper. Just trash the used filter and grounds and rinse. Do not allow residue to accumulate in the filter; slightly scrub the cone with very hot water and a sponge or brush, taking care to clean the shut-off mechanism. If essential, use a detergent-free cleaner made for carafes and filter cones.

Don’t purchase it if …

Clever Coffee Dripper

You want to make multiple cups at a time

The Clever Dripper is not designed to brew multiple cups at once. Its larger sizes only yield 16 ounces – just enough for a single-serve.  If you want to gulp multiple cups without stopping and brewing each time, consider getting a brewer with more volume.

You want a fuller-bodied coffee

When it comes to immersion brewers, most people think of the French press. It is just as simple to use as the Clever Dripper, but it produces a much fuller-bodied coffee because it doesn’t require a paper filter.

You want something closer to an espresso

This unit makes a stronger brew than a usual pour-over. But for a concentrated shot more like espresso, check out the AeroPress, which is a mix between immersion and pump-driven coffee.


Ready to take your initial step into the world of manual coffee? Then, the Clever Dripper is one of the brewers designed to make the entire process easy and entertaining. You can also use it as a pour-over to practice and experiment or an immersion coffee maker for a hassle-free cup.

Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters, Large 18 oz (Light Pink)| Barista's...
  • Combines the Best of Pour Over and French Press Coffee, Includes Dripper, 100 Clever...
  • No Mess, Easy to Use and Clean, Perfect cup every time!
  • 100% BPA-free Plastic

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