How to Make Chicory Coffee, and What is It?

Chicory Coffee

If you truly love coffee, you have probably tasted chicory coffee, and if not, worry not because we will tell you what chicory coffee is in a jiffy. You will also learn why making this coffee is a brilliant idea. 

What is chicory coffee?

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Chicory coffee is simply coffee that is prepared using ground and roasted chicory roots or a blend of chicory and coffee. Chicory roots have been used for medicinal purposes before, so their safety should not bother you. 

What is chicory?


Chicory is a perennial plant that grows beside the road, in gravel lots, and in most poorly cultivated fields across Canada and the US. You also find some grocery stores selling chicory. It has lavender/ pale blue flowers. 

 A brief history 

Chicory was first used as a substitute for coffee in France when Napoleon enforced a coffee blockade against the British. As a result, the whole of Europe was left without coffee, and the chicory plant was used as an urgent alternative. Its roots (ground and roasted) were mixed with the few coffee supplies to cut the cost of this essential beverage. Since then, chicory coffee has continued to gain popularity every day. For example, in Louisiana, chicory coffee is preferred by many to 100% Arabica coffee.

What is so good about chicory?

As mention earlier, chicory is linked to many health benefits. It is roots contain anti-parasitic properties and can help reduce cholesterol. The herb also has prebiotic soluble carbohydrates, which help with weight loss and good for your intestinal health. Not to mention his herb is also rich in inulin content, help lower blood sugar, and stabilize diabetes.

Making chicory coffee 

There are various ways to prepare chicory coffee. These methods largely depend on whether you want to use shortcuts or go naturally. Here, we have outlined the back-to-basic method.

What you need:

Preparing the raw chicory

  • Thoroughly clean your chicory roots and dry them. You can place them in the sun to dry naturally or use a kitchen towel.
  • Mince your chicory roots using a sharp knife to form 1-inch cubes. No need to peel the roots
  • Place the cubes on a baking sheet and cook them in your oven until they turn golden brown. Make sure to set the temperature to 350F.
  • Remove your chicory from the baking sheet and the cubes to cool completely. 

Making the chicory grounds

chicory coffee
  • Once the cubes have cooled, place them in your grinder and grind them to the same coarseness as that of your coffee grounds.
  • Blend the chicory with ground coffee
  • Now mix your ground chicory with your preferred coffee grounds. The ratio you use it up to you. We recommend experimenting with small quantities until certain which ratio works for you well. Keep in mind that chicory has no Caffeine and is more acidic. So, if you want a caffeine-free beverage, add more chicory.

Brew your chicory coffee

You have the freedom to brew chicory coffee as you wish. The technique you will use is similar to that for ordinary coffee. All you need to do is to substitute the coffee/chicory blend for straight coffee grounds.

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These methods will make you a perfect brew:

For the best experience, stick to the same brewing time for each method as you would for ordinary coffee.

If you don’t have the right brewing kit, place some ground into a cup, add boiling water and allow the grounds to steep for a minute and then strain your java through a tea strainer to remove the used grounds.

Buy your ground

If not ready to go through the entire process of making your own chicory blend, visit a local store near you, or buy the ground online and then follow the above brewing process. 

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