Chemex vs. Hario V60

Chemex vs. Hario V60

When it comes to pour over coffee, there are two devices you will find in the homes of most coffee aficionados: Chemex and Hario V60. Both make a great cup of coffee and are easy to use. But which one should you choose? Which is one is right for you? We answer all these questions here. 

What is pour-over coffee?

In simple terms, pour over coffee is coffee that is made with hot hand-poured water over the coffee grounds. This method gives you total control over your brew.


clear pour-over coffee brewer with digital scale

Chemex was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. He also designed the thick filters that must be used to make Chemex coffee extra clear. Since then, this coffee maker has received many awards for its science and design. 

It consists of an hourglass-shaped flask with a canonical funnel-like neck and proprietary paper filters, which are thicker. These filters make sure you enjoy sediment-free cups of coffee.

What Chemex coffee maker is the best?

Chemex is Chemex Corporation’s trademark. Chemex 2-Quart Water Kettle achieves the ideal mixing temperature with practical taste. The one-of-a-kind silicone plug holds blended water at crest temperature when venting steam, so the neck stays comfortable to reach for healthy treatment. This component is constructed of non-permeable borosilicate glass that does not hold scents or residues.. This is the best chemex 8 cup coffee maker and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed if you do the order!


  • Robust construction
  • Looks stunning
  • Makes great sediment-free coffee


  • Pricey than Hario V60
  • Requires paper filters
  • You need more time to get used to pouring to get the right strength of coffee

Hario V60

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The V60 was invented in 2004. It gets its name from its distinct V shape and 60º angle and available in various materials such as plastic, ceramic, metal, and glass. Its internal sides have interior ridges that help with air and water flow during the brewing process.

Which Hario V60 is best?

The ceramic V60 is a great option and especially if looking for a coffee maker that retains heat. In fact, it is our favorite. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use 
  • You can adjust the strength by using different pouring/filters at different speeds
  • It takes a few minutes to make a cup of coffee


  • Require paper filters
  • You need more time to master the pour 
  • You will need a good coffee grinder

What is the difference between Chemex and V60?


Grind size

Chemex is designed for the medium-coarse grind. It will still make you great coffee if your grind is a bit coarser or finer. V60 gives you much freedom. For example, with a fine grind and slow pour, you get a strong brew. If you use the medium grind and pour fast, you get a weaker cup. 


Both makers use paper filters of varying thicknesses with the Chemex having the thickest filter. That means you get a cleaner brew than that of Hario V60. It is much easier to find the V60 filters.


Convenience comes down to a few things: clean up, set up, and portability.

  • First, both makers require branded coffee filters, which you can find online today. 
  • When using a V60, your coffee collects in the serving carafe or mug—the Chemex doubles as a server. Nonetheless, you will still wash the same amount of dishes.
  • You need more time to clean a Chemex because of its hourglass shape, plus you need to remove the wood collar. The V60 is considerably small, hence easy to clean.
  • If looking for a travel coffee maker, the V60 will not disappoint. It is small than Chemex, plus it is non-glass.
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Funnel design

While both have a huge exit hole compared to many other pour over devices. The V60 has grooves or ridges on the inside of its cones that you don’t see in the Chemex. This ridged cone allows coffee to exit through the sides of the filter and flow to the bottom of the funnel. When using a Chemex, most of your coffee only exists through the bottom of the funnel.

Variety of sizes 

Chemex is available in different sizes, from 3-13 cups. The V60s are tailored to make 1-2 cups of coffee at a time.


The Chemex brews the cleanest cups of coffee, thanks to its thick filters. The resulting brew has a tea-like body and brings out floral notes of coffee. Some people say the thicker filters hurt the brew by grabbing more of the oils that give coffee their unique taste.

With the V60 giving its users the freedom to experiment with different recipes, you can take your brewing game to the next level to make sweet, bright, and complex coffee. While V60 is a versatile machine, it is good to note it is also unforgiving at the same time. So you want to be sure of what you are doing.

Ease of use

While both coffee makers are easy to use, the V60 allows for more experimentation. This is because it is less sensitive variables such as water temperature, grind size, etc. Chemex is more sensitive. For example, you must use a coarse grind. 

It is good to note that while the V60 allows room for experimentation, it is less forgiving, especially for beginners learning the ropes.


If using a Chemex, you will have to wait for 3-6 minutes for your brew to be ready. If using the V60, you just wait for 2-4 minutes. The V60 takes less time to brew because of its large hole at the bottom. The Chemex takes longer because it uses thicker filters.

Which one should you choose?

Both coffee makers are great, are easy to use, use filters, and do a decent job. What makes them distinct is the flavor of the brew produced, and which matter to many people.

Go for a Chemex if:

  • Love its unique design and want to leave it sitting on your counter as art
  • Want to make multiple cups at a time
  • Craving clear, bright coffee 
  • You don’t want any plastic
  • Want some forgiveness with your grind and pour

Settle for the Hario V60 if:

  • You are a traveler and looking for something portable and less fragile 
  • You always want to make a single cup 
  • Want greater control over your brew
  • You want the easiest possible clean-up

Sizes and styles 


Chemex are available in different sizes: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 13-cup devices -all of which are clear glass. Chemex lines of coffee makers include:

  • Hand-blown: resembles the classic, but made in small batches by skilled artisans.
  • Classic: has a natural wooden collar, tied on with a rawhide band.
  • Glass handle: a glass handle replaces the collar.

Hario V60

Most brew 1-2 cups and comes in different materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic 
  • Copper 
  • Stainless steel
  • Heat-proof glass

The plastic models are cheap and suitable for beginners. Ceramic, plastic, and metal models can be bought in sizes that will prepare up to 4 cups. The copper one is sharp and the most expensive.

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