Burr vs Blade Grinder for Coffee

Burr vs Blade Coffee Grinder

Fresh ground coffee in your daily brewing process will make a huge difference. You start to lose freshness as soon as coffee is ground, which can greatly affect the taste. That’s why pre-ground coffee may not give you all your coffee should have. This is why you should invest in a coffee grinder. While we wrote a previous article on manual versus electric grinders, if you still want an electric grinder, there are two varieties of burr and blade grinders to choose from. But how do you know what’s going to work best for you?

So find out more, learn on!

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What is a blade grinder?

Similar to a blender tool, blade grinders rapidly chop up the coffee with a sharp blade. How long you spin and cut the beans will decide the fineness of the grind.

What is a burr grinder?

A burr coffee grinder can be flat or conical, sometimes both. It works by using two sets of abrasive surfaces (burrs) set at a certain distance from each other. The coffee gets stuck in between and is cut from both sides. The user sets the distance between the burrs. The smaller the distance, the finer the grind.

A grinder for burr coffee may be flat or conical, sometimes both. This works by using two sets of abrasive surfaces (burrs) placed apart from each other at a certain length. The espresso gets stuck in the middle and cut off from both ends. If you’re looking for a better the grind, the shorter the range.

The differences between the burr and the blade quality

blade vs burr grinder

These types of grinders can produce very different results. The 4 main differences are outlined below.

1. Consistent coffee grind

With a burr grinder, you’re more likely to get a steady grind. This is attributed to the 2 burr sets that function together to ground all sides of the beans. The blade grinder will randomly chop beans with a blade that can give you a few smaller grinds. It causes certain parts of the coffee under-extract and other over-extracting parts that can spoil the taste of your coffee.

2. Controllability

The burr grinder helps you to better control the grind scale than the grinder of the knife. The distance between the burrs can be adjusted on a burr grinder. There is no feature in a blade grinder that controls the grind size; you just have to grind it longer and hope that the grinds will all be even. This isn’t reliable enough to get a fine espresso grind, so you’ll need a burr grinder if you want to make espresso.

3. Affordability

Although a burr grinder can be found on a budget, it is much harder than a blade grinders, which can be purchased much cheaper.

4. Which one is more convent?

The blade grinder is more convenient, it has a powerful motor and can work even quicker. But, the burr grinder is more easy to wash.

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So, which one should you buy?

Each grinder has its own benefits and drawback. We have created a list of pros/cons to help you consider all of them at once. Whatever you choose, fresh ground coffee can make a difference.

Burr Grinders: The Pros & Cons

  • Consistent grind
  • Easy to clean
  • Control size of grind
  • More expensive
  • Slower

Our Favorite Burr Grinder:

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder



  • Durable 40 millimeter stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds for optimal…
  • 15 settings (plus Micro settings) let you adjust your grind to suit your taste
  • One touch start timer keeps your last setting, just push to grind

Blade Grinders: The Pros & Cons

  • Faster
  • Affordable
  • Harder to clean
  • Can’t control grind size
  • Grinds aren’t consistent

Our favorite blade grinder:

Coffee Grinder Electric AICOK Nut & Spice Grinder

Coffee Grinder Electric AICOK Nut & Spice Grinder




  • Safety Protection: There is a safety lock that the coffee grinder when turned one



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