Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker Review: Is it Worth It & Alternatives

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In this review, we’ll look at the Breville ESP8XL to determine if it’s the machine for you. Before purchasing a machine, you should, as usual, consider a few factors.

It’s essential to make a budget, but it’s also crucial to consider how many coffee drinkers will use the machine. This should help you in determining which machine to buy.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker Review

Let’s get started with the Breville ESP8XL review.

Breville ESP8XL review

The Breville ESP8XL Espresso machine has a stylish design. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’ll look great in any kitchen or office.

Breville has also included a 1-year warranty with the machine, giving you peace of mind that your machine will be protected for at least a year after purchase.

A stainless steel frothing pitcher, a measuring spoon, a tamping tool, and a cleaning tool are also included with the machine. The Breville ESP8XL is great for single households and small groups in a professional or office environment.

Brewing capability

For its price, The Breville Cafe Roma produces a really good shot of espresso. While it may not have the nuanced flavor subtleties and creamy crema of a thousand-dollar machine, it does not taste like cheap espresso.

Indeed, this espresso maker punches way beyond its weight in terms of quality.

The 15-bar thermoblock pump delivers a strongly flavored shot with an enticing layer of crema. The Cafe Roma also includes double – and single-shot dual-wall filters to help with consistency and crema creation for the inexperienced home barista.

It also comes with a pod-compatible filter, which is useful for experimenting with flavored coffees.

A disadvantage of this machine, which is common among espresso machines, is that a large cup cannot fit under the portafilter. If you want to make a larger drink, such as an Americano or a latte, pull your shot into an espresso cup first and transfer it to the larger cup.

‘Make-life-easy’ features

The Cafe Roma is intended to be an entry-level machine, which means that it is easy to use.

It also includes everything you need to start as a home barista, including a tamper that works as a scoop for grounds, a milk frothing pitcher, and a cleaning tool.

In addition, the die-cast metal top surface doubles as a six-cup warming tray. Because of the huge water tank, you won’t have to replace it as frequently, and, unlike many other espresso makers, the water level is visible from the front of the machine.

Milk frothing

Aside from espresso, Cafe Roma also makes excellent latte and cappuccino. This machine has a conventional steam wand with a froth enhancer for all of your milk foaming needs.

It does not froth automatically, so you will need to learn how to use a frother or a steamer, but this should not be too difficult. If you really want to get the hang of it, you can even buy a little thermometer to keep track of the temperature of your milk.

The froth enhancer on the steam wand produces a solid, velvety layer of froth for a mind-blowing cup of cappuccino.

A minor drawback is that there isn’t much room between the steam wand and the drip tray, making it difficult to froth a significant amount of milk without overflowing the frothing pitcher. If your go-to beverage is an extra-large cappuccino, this is something to think about.

Breville ESP8XL


The Cafe Roma, like other Breville products, is easy to clean due to its simplistic design and stainless steel casing. To prevent mineral deposit buildup, it will need to be descaled on occasion, as with other espresso machines.

Still, day-to-day maintenance is as easy as emptying the coffee grounds, wiping down the stainless surfaces, and emptying the drip tray.

Be aware that, unlike other higher-end versions, there is no indication when the drip tray is full, so keep an eye on the water level to avoid a wet surface. By the way, you can read our Breville Espresso Machine reviews here.

Build quality

One of Cafe Roma’s main selling features is its durability. For such a low-cost machine, the quality of its components is impressive.

It is mostly made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and fashionable. Its minimalist design, with few unnecessary features, means there is less to break or wear out.

All of this is contained within a very tiny footprint of 12” x 12” x 15”, so even those with small kitchens should be able to find countertop space to display this wonderful piece of machinery.

Other features to review

The compatibility of the Breville Cafe Roma with espresso pods is one of the additional easy-to-use features worth mentioning. Swap out the filter baskets that come with the machine, and you’re ready to draw your shots from pods.

The tamper is another feature worth highlighting about the Breville ESP8XL. It functions as a multitool as well as a scooper for pre-ground coffee. This contributes to keeping the area surrounding the machine clean and organized.

The 7g and 14g dual-wall filter system baskets are common in home barista machines. You’ll also have an espresso pods basket and a cleaning blind basket.

The blind basket is the component with no openings; it aids the cleaning of your portafilter. Remember to immediately wash any stainless steel espresso machine parts that are soiled by coffee or milk.

The Breville ESP8XL espresso maker has a 41-ounce water tank. That’s a suitable size for a household machine and approximately 41 espresso shots!

Finally, you use mineral water to produce the greatest coffee. By installing a filter system, minerals that convey flavors into your cup can be extracted along with the coffee.

An extra filter that regulates the mineral water level can slow the production of limescale and lessen the need for descaling.

Any other type of water may damage your machine and ruin your cup of coffee.

Check whether any of these extra features offer value to your coffee demands. If so, the Breville Cafe Roma may be the espresso maker for you.

How the Breville esp8xl works

Breville ESP8XL

When you turn on the machine, a light on the front of the machine will come on to indicate that it is heating up. When the light goes off, it signals the machine has reached the proper temperature and is ready to use.

A dial on the front of the machine allows you to select whether you want to brew your coffee or steam your milk. The machine is quite simple to operate.

You also have a lot of options with the Breville. You can use pods or ground coffee in the machine. This is a useful feature because some users like coffee pods while others prefer ground coffee.

It’s vital to understand that the Breville ESP8XL is a manual machine, so you’ll have to time your espresso manually. Once the machine is heated, it takes about 15-30 seconds to brew a cup.

The machine is also quite quiet when brewing your coffee, which is a plus because the drawback of many Espresso machines is how noisy they are during the brewing process.

Steaming the milk

Breville ESP8XL

The machine comes with a frothing jug that may be used to froth milk. You don’t want to pour milk into your jug right away; instead, switch the frothing wand on first.

It will leak water while it heats up, eventually converting it into steam once heated. Allow the wand to heat up before adding the milk to the jug.

Once the steam wand is heated, add the milk to the jug and froth it. After you’ve finished frothing the milk, clean the steam wand so it’ll remain clean and hygienic.

The drip tray and water tank

The Breville ESP8XL includes a 40.6 oz water tank. This is accessible on the machine’s far-right and is simple to remove and refill.

The water tank is the appropriate size for the machine, and you’ll be able to enjoy a few cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled.

The machine includes a removable drip tray that will catch any overflow or spills when brewing your coffee. The drip tray is easily removed from the machine, so be sure to clean it regularly to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

One of Breville’s only major flaws is that it won’t fit standard-size mugs beneath the spout unless the drip tray is removed. Espresso mugs will fit, but anything larger than that would not; people who have used this machine have mentioned this as a disadvantage.

Added features: What is included with the Breville esp8xl?

This article indicates that Breville has provided a warranty with the machine. It’s a huge plus that they supply so many essential accessories with this machine.

It can be infuriating to purchase a new espresso machine only to have to make a further journey to the store to purchase the machine’s accessories.

They also feature a cleaning mechanism for cleaning the frothing wand. It can help in the removal of any excess coffee that is caught in the machine as it is brewing.

The machine includes a scoop for your coffee; this tool also works as a tamper, so you won’t need to buy one separately.

Pros & cons of the breville esp8xl


  • The Breville is a very stylish machine made completely of stainless steel.
  • Quick to brew your coffee, requiring between 15-30 seconds
  • Several add-ons are available with the machine’s 1-year guarantee
  • The light on the front of the machine will indicate when the unit is heated and ready for use
  • The ability to use coffee pods or ground coffee


  • We discovered that it could get really hot when you use the machine.
  • Fitting a conventional cup under the spout where the coffee is dispensed is difficult; you can only do so if the drip tray is removed.

Despite its flaws, the Breville ESP8XL is well-liked by consumers. It’s quite durable; consumers have said that the machine lasts a long time and that they have gotten their money’s worth.

Do not buy the Breville cafe Roma espresso maker if…

You already know how to make espresso well – The Breville Cafe Roma is an excellent entry-level espresso machine. This is probably not for you if you’re not a beginner brewer.

If you have the money, a higher-end superautomatic machine, such as the Saeco Picobaristo, will produce consistent and exquisite espresso beverages. Consider the revolutionary Flair Signature Pro manual lever machine if you’re an espresso lover searching for a low-cost option.

You don’t want to buy a separate grinder – We all know that using a decent grinder is just as vital as using a good coffee machine if you want nice coffee.

If you don’t want to buy a separate burr grinder, a machine like the Breville Barista Express would be a good option. It costs more upfront, but it includes everything you need. 

You don’t want to make your froth for your milk – Using a steam wand is straightforward, but it adds another layer of human error to the quest for the ideal latte. It includes an automatic milk frother if you’re searching for a similarly small machine that can do it all. 

The Breville Cafe Roma is not for you if you object to using small cups. There isn’t much room between the portafilter spout and the drip tray. This means using smaller glasses or capturing your espresso in a bowl before transferring it to your cup.

Please keep in mind that ratios determine drink quality, so try to adjust accordingly. Dual-wall filter system baskets are available in various sizes to help you in adjusting your cups and match recipes. 

If you enjoy exploring the exquisite flavors and complexity of espresso, the Breville Cafe Roma is not for you. While the Cafe Roma espresso machine brews within optimal specifications, it is not very customizable. The thermoblock pump is useful, but other espresso machine alternatives offer a broader range of features.

This indicates that this Breville machine is best suited for medium roasts. Brewing at higher temperatures with lightly roasted beans is required.

Different espresso machines are designed to cater to different audiences – it’s just a matter of selecting the one that’s right for you and your budget.

Is the cafe Roma espresso maker a good buy?

By the end of this Breville Cafe Roma Review, I hope you’ve figured out what type of machine you want and need.

It has a tamper and a milk pitcher. It’s also easy to choose a cleaning tool for it. There will be no sophisticated equipment or cleaners.

You can also enjoy espresso more frequently in the privacy of your own home without breaking the bank. More exposure to this type of brewing with this type of coffee machine enlightens you on the effect of individual factors that influence the taste of your coffee.

I highly recommend this machine if you’re just getting started with brewing or drinking espresso.

Breville esp8xl alternatives

Breville bes870xl

The Breville BES870XL is significantly larger than the ESP8XL. If you have a large group of coffee drinkers who will be using the machine, this is a superior alternative.

You may also choose the size of the grind, giving you complete control over whether you want your coffee beans finely ground or coarsely ground.

Gaggia anima espresso machine

The Gaggia Anima Espresso Machine has a stylish look. It includes a two-year warranty as standard, offering you peace of mind if you buy the machine.

The Gaggia has a larger 60-ounce water tank and an 8.8-ounce bean hopper than the Breville ESP8XL, making it a slightly larger machine. In this Gaggia Anima Espresso Machine review, we go into greater detail regarding the Gaggia Anima.

Delonghi esam3300

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 also has an 8.8-ounce bean capacity. It boasts a proprietary “Cappuccino System,” which combines steam and milk to produce a thick, creamy froth.

You can choose from 13 different grind sizes on the DeLonghi to ensure that your beans are ground just how you like them.

The final word

The Breville ESP8XL is a high-performance, easy-to-use coffee machine. The machine’s disadvantages are not a lot, and it’s ideal for a single home or a small workstation.

You can’t ask for a faster machine to use; it just takes 15-30 seconds to brew a cup. We give the Breville ESP8XL a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Hopefully, our review has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision about which machine to buy. The other machines provided as alternatives are larger than the Breville ESP8XL and would be better suited to larger groups.

Before making a purchase, consider your budget and the number of individuals that will be using the machine.

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