Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle Review

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The Bodum brand manufactures high-quality home products, including French presses, coffee makers, and water kettles.

The company has been producing glass water kettles for 40 years, using its experience to make the most useful and reliable products possible. The new electric version of the Bodum Melior gooseneck kettle is no exception. It’s a well-designed device with great features.

Bodum 11883-259US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

In this article, you’ll learn more about the main features of the Bodum melior gooseneck kettle and why it’s a good purchase. We’ll also help you understand its pros and cons. In short, this article will answer all your questions so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing this product.

What is a gooseneck electric kettle?

A unique kettle used to pour over coffee is called a gooseneck pour-over kettle. The pour-over gooseneck kettle’s handle and spout are the key differences from other kettles; the kettle’s body appears much like any other kettle.

A gooseneck kettle has a handle angled unusually away from the kettle’s body and a long, narrow, curved spout.

Bodum gooseneck kettle review

The Bodum gooseneck electric kettle is a small coffee-making luxury you should not pass up if you appreciate brewing a great cup of pour-over or hand-drip coffee.

While the precise spout helps manage the flow of water over the grounds, guaranteeing even saturation, the integrated thermometer in the kettle guarantees that your water heats to the ideal brewing temperature

Handle and lid construction

Because the handle is specifically made of European Cork, which enhances the grip of the entire item, being Non-Slip, handles it on top of it.

There is less likelihood of any major accidents. One of the most crucial components of the whole thing is the lid. Water or other liquid substances will seep from the lid if it is improperly built. The lid knob is an important lesson to learn from this.

The knob is made of exceptional European Cork, much like the handle, giving you superior control over it and a lovely appearance. Because it is non-slip, there is also no possibility that you will handle it incorrectly and spill the hot liquid. 

Elegance in design

Bodum 11883-259US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

The kettle has a truly beautiful design with an ancient feel. First off, the gooseneck kettle sprout is an amazing-looking object that is proportionate to the body, superbly constructed, and accurately calibrated.

It was deliberate to shape the body and neck in a way that would enhance ergonomics. This unique item’s capacity to let you manage the force of the water flow is another vital feature. The useful gooseneck will enable you to control the water flow through the pot to get the optimal level of coffee extraction.

The color is an additional crucial element that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is available in an attractive deep matte black color. By glancing at it, anyone may immediately determine that it is a high-end object.

Sturdy base

Another important component of a kettle, particularly for high-end products like this one, is the base. This appliance’s base is made to be solid. It includes the central boiler and strong.

It includes the central boiler, which heats the liquid. The base’s On/Off switch is situated here, which is another interesting aspect about it and gives it a fashionable appeal. 

Simplicity in use

The user-friendliness of this product is incredible, considering its elaborate, complicated design and processes. Routine use offers the utmost simplicity and viability and reduces time and effort.

Its operation won’t require you to spend hours behind it. This amazing device instantaneously gives you perfectly hot water in just three simple steps. 

Add water to the container to secure the lid and turn on the power switch. 

Large capacity

Bodum 11883-259US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

It also has the benefit of being easy to use. That is the item’s capacity. Despite its small size, it can contain 27 ounces of coffee. So, yes, you may bring this machine that can prepare instant coffee for multiple people at once and always welcome guests with a warm cup of something delectable. 

Boils quickly

This, then, is arguably the most important section of the entire manual. An electric kettle is designed to help you work more quickly and comfortably. It boils incredibly quickly compared to other competitors and conventional kettle designs.

It’s amazing how quickly natural water can be boiled – around three minutes. It saves you time and offers assistance on a new level. If there are more guests, you can easily use it more than once because the boiling time is very short. 

Pour water into the cups, start the reheating immediately, and manage a steady stream of guests quickly. 

Lightweight device

This tablet is surprisingly lightweight, even with all the extra features and perks. Even when it is loaded with water, lifting it would be rather simple because the weight component only weighs about 2 pounds. However, because it’s so light, you may easily bring it wherever you like. 

Automatic shutdown

The automatic shut-down feature is one fascinating aspect of this enticing gadget. This clever mechanism elevates the item’s convenience to a whole new level. If you’re multitasking in the kitchen and a friend unexpectedly drops by, you can quickly put some water in the kettle and turn on the power so that the water begins to boil.

While the water is being heated in the kettle, you can immediately concentrate on other chores. It will automatically switch off after it is finished. It won’t need to be manually turned off so you can check if the water is boiling. 

You save some time, and the entire mechanism is made simpler. 

Manual vs. electric gooseneck kettle

Either manual gooseneck kettles, which you must boil on the stovetop (or you can pour hot water from your regular kettle) or electric coffee kettles are available. As you know, 195F to 205F is the ideal water temperature for a pour-over cup of coffee. 

You can set a timer with several gooseneck electric water kettle types to help you regulate your pour and perfect your brew. This is an additional benefit. If you’re looking for the best pour-over kettles using an electric gooseneck kettle makes preparing pour-over coffee quick and simple.

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