5 Best Tumblers for Hot Coffee: Reviews and Comparisons

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For those always on the move, the convenience and comfort of a well-insulated tumbler is undeniable. Whether it’s keeping you hydrated or ensuring your coffee stays hot, a reliable tumbler is an essential companion.

Top tumblers to keep your coffee hot

Yeti Rambler 20-ounce tumbler

The Yeti Rambler 20-ounce tumbler, with its robust design, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Its wide body makes it a suitable choice for farm operations, construction sites, and camping trips. It’s more than capable of maintaining the chill in your beverages, and it can keep hot drinks around 144°F for over 2.5 hours, providing decent performance.


The Rambler has evolved over time to enhance user experience. Originally, it came with a standard lid suitable for a straw. Now, it comes equipped with a MagSlider Lid, featuring a straw port that snaps shut securely. For those who prefer the original design, the standard lid can be purchased separately. Additional accessories like a straw lid and mug handle are also available.

Hydro Flask 22-ounce Tumbler

Compact and stylish, the Hydro Flask 22-ounce tumbler is a joy to hold and fits seamlessly into cup holders. Its excellent insulation keeps your drinks at the desired temperature for longer, making it a fantastic travel companion.

Our tests ranked the Hydro Flask among the top five tumblers in cold retention and second in heat retention. It’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, featuring a powder-coated exterior and a sleek shape. The design certainly stands out from the typical stainless steel tumblers that can become uncomfortably hot when exposed to sunlight.

Hydro Flask offers a lid with an integrated straw for their 32- and 22-ounce variants. It’s secure, easy to attach and remove, and features a soft silicone tip for a comfortable sipping experience. A word of caution though, while dishwasher-safe, high temperatures and certain detergents can potentially discolor the lovely powder coating.

Klean Kanteen 20-ounce Tumbler

The Klean Kanteen 20-ounce tumbler is a close contender with a slightly wider design and a grippier color coating. It boasts excellent insulation and a simple yet sophisticated look. It’s one of the top performers in our cold retention tests, though it fell short in maintaining heat, with coffee temperatures dropping 13 degrees below the Hydro Flask after 2.5 hours.

Despite this, it still provides satisfactory performance. The coffee temperature of 139°F is just a degree lower than the National Coffee Association’s recommended comfortable temperature of 140°F.

This tumbler resembles a pint glass in terms of feel and is smaller than the Hydro Flask by 2 ounces. It doesn’t come with an insulated lid, but it does include a lid suitable for sipping coffee. A straw lid is also available as part of a tumbler-and-straw set.

RTIC 30-ounce Insulated Tumbler

The RTIC 30-ounce Insulated Tumbler is one of our top recommendations. This version is an upgrade from the previous model and now includes a stopper for spill prevention. It also features easily accessible compatible accessories.

Our ongoing tests have consistently demonstrated a correlation between the size of a tumbler’s lid and its insulation performance. A larger lid often equates to less effective insulation, despite the technology involved. Therefore, when assessing a tumbler’s potential, it’s important to consider not only the insulation capacity but also the size of the lid.

Pelican Traveler

For those seeking the best value for money, the Pelican Traveler is a winner! If you prefer a screw-on lid with a large spout, this tumbler is for you. However, the lid is not entirely leak-proof and may dribble slightly if tipped over. Although there are better options out there, the Pelican Traveler is a viable choice for those shopping on a budget.

Buyer’s Guide


Most popular tumblers have a capacity of around 30 ounces, which seems to be the preferred size among consumers.


While colorful tumblers can be attractive, those who tend to drop their tumblers may want to opt for more durable finishes like stainless steel.

Spout Stoppers

Tumblers offer various lid types, including flip-up stoppers and slide-over stoppers. Choose the one that suits your preference to avoid having to buy a separate lid.

Base Diameter

For those always on the move, select a tumbler that fits standard cup holders.

Our Testing Methods

The Cold Test

We filled 15 tumblers with 26.3°F Slurpee and left them in a black sedan parked in a lot in downtown Salt Lake City, where the outside temperature was 92°F. After about an hour, the Slurpee in a standard 7-Eleven plastic cup had melted, while the insulated tumblers retained approximately 50% of the beverage’s original density by the third hour.

The Heat Test

Each tumbler was filled with 180-degree hot black coffee, and the internal temperature was measured every 30 minutes over a span of 3 hours. Most tumblers successfully maintained the temperature around the comfortable 140°F, as recommended by the National Coffee Association, while the coffee in a typical cup cooled after 20 minutes.

Everyday Use Test

We replaced our regular water bottles and coffee mugs with these tumblers for several weeks to identify any potential issues. While we found the 30-ounce tumblers to be slightly large for a morning coffee, they’re perfect for maintaining hydration throughout the day.

Cleaning Test

Our cleaning test showed that tumblers and lids are generally easier to clean compared to more complex designs. When it comes to dishwasher compatibility, brands vary; RTIC and Hydro Flask recommend hand-washing only, while YETI claims their products are dishwasher-safe. However, to maintain the longevity and aesthetics of your tumbler, we advise hand-washing.

Insulation Test

In this test, we filled the tumblers and our top-performing insulated water bottles with 28 ounces of hot water (between 190 to 194 degrees fahrenheit) and monitored the heat loss over six hours, with a final check at the 12-hour mark.

Final Thoughts

We’ve thoroughly reviewed our top picks for coffee tumblers and provided key factors to consider when choosing the right one for you. With an array of options available in the market, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect tumbler to meet your needs.

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