6 Best Smart Coffee Makers: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-Enabled Machines

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Apps on our phones have eased practically everything we do these days, from dating to banking. Why should preparing coffee be any different?

Several firms have recently launched Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled coffee makers, each with its functionality. To choose the best smart coffee maker, go through the purchasing advice below.

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The top 6 smart coffee makers

Despite being a growing trend, there aren’t many phone-operated coffee machines on the market. They may be a terrific way to make the finest coffee makers smarter, but their hi-tech brewing may also destroy your ideal cup of coffee. Fortunately, our following pick informs you about the finest smart coffee makers available.

1. Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker – Top Pick

Hamilton’s Amazon Works with Alexa label ensures exceptional responsiveness, dependability, and usefulness.

The Alexa feature not only makes Hamilton Beach the most dependable option for voice control but also saves you from having to download yet another app to your smartphone. Again, keep in mind that Hamilton Beach does not work with Google Assistant/Home.

Nonetheless, it is a member of Amazon’s new “Certified for Humans” program, ensuring that smart devices are simple to set up and connect.

This Bluetooth coffee maker can create up to 12 cups of filter coffee at a time, with brew intensity that the user can adjust. Alexa will learn your preferences after a few mornings. Furthermore, it automatically turns off two hours after brewing, which is both energy-efficient and safe.

The Hamilton Beach has a sleek black body and stainless steel accents and is well-built.


  • Serves up to 12 cups
  • The smart coffee maker comes with an Echo Dot
  • Create schedules and routines


  • No single-cup option

2. Behmor connected

The Behmor Connected coffee maker is an app-enabled variant of the popular Behmor Brazen Plus coffee maker. It is the only one on our list that has been accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association, whose criteria are stringent and ensure a great cup of coffee, and in our best SCAA-certified coffee maker list.

Using an easy-to-use app or Alexa, you may set the brewing temperature to a specific range between 190 °F and 208 °F. Furthermore, its one-of-a-kind programmed pre-soak function enables the coffee grounds to bloom before brewing, which is required for the greatest extraction.

The Behmor Wi-Fi coffee maker is made mostly of stainless steel, with a water tank integrated, making it very sturdy. A stainless steel double-wall thermal carafe that is nearly indestructible and will keep your coffee hot for hours is included.

To obtain such fine temperature control, you must first heat all of the water in the reservoir before brewing. As a result, it is somewhat slower than the others. It also comes with a little 8-cup carafe.


  • Double-walled stainless steel carafe
  • SCAA certified brewer
  • Simple to use the app
  • Easy to fill the water tank


  • The minimum brew size is 30 ounces

3. Nespresso Prodigio

The Prodigio uses single-serving Nespresso capsules in 29 flavors and can brew three different sizes. It’s exceptionally simple to use because of the revolutionary smart auto-brew, which enables a single action to insert, brew, and eject the capsule.

This coffee machine is controlled via an app on your Android phone, iPhone, or tablet. You can stop and start brewing from anywhere, or you may schedule it to have your coffee ready at a certain time. The app will even record your capsule usage and remind you to replenish your supply.

Given the offered functionality, the Prodigio is reasonably priced.


  • Actual pump pressure is better than VertuoLine Centrifusion
  • Large spent capsule capacity
  • One-touch sizing system lets you adjust brew size by pressing and holding brew buttons
  • Can used 3rd-party capsules


  • Stated 19 bars is inconsistent
  • Small 27 oz water reservoir
  • ABS plastic scuffs a little easily

4. Atomi smart Wi-Fi coffee maker

If you want to brew decent coffee without any fuss, the Atomi Smart Wi-Fi coffee maker is ideal. There are no settings to configure, no specific pods to purchase, and no time-consuming cleaning processes. This machine makes wonderful hot coffee.

However, don’t be fooled by the low price. This gadget has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a smart appliance.

Unlike traditional coffee makers, this smart coffee maker runs through a user-friendly app or voice command through Alexa or Google Assistant/Home. The Atomi coffee machine may brew on demand or at a certain time each day.

The Atomi is a well-designed machine primarily made of stainless steel, which is a pleasant surprise for such a low price.


  • You can control the maker through a smartphone app;
  • You can start brewing with Alexa or Google
  • Comes with a reusable and washable filter.


  • Only brews one full pot

5. Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Super Automatic, Connected

The Saeco GranBaristo is incredibly expensive, but it is worth it if you have the money. This machine produces fantastic coffee. This coffee maker delivers with simplicity whether you want a perfect double-shot cappuccino, a strong black coffee, or simply a plain espresso with a thick crema.

The GranBaristo has a ceramic burr grinder, a milk reservoir, and a frother.

The app is simple to use and compatible with both iOS and Android. You can choose between selecting from pre-made drink alternatives or creating a custom formula based on characteristics such as scent, temperature, and flavor. You may even get recipes on the internet and discover a new favorite in the process.

Unfortunately, the more remarkable and difficult the equipment, the more spectacular and difficult the cleaning method. Be prepared to clean and maintain your GranBaristo frequently to keep it in good condition.


  • Built-in ceramic burr grinder


  • It’s expensive.
  • Requires frequent and regular cleaning often with pricey cleaning supplies sold separately.
  • The Avanti’s physical controls isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

6. Smarter SMC01 iCoffee

This machine is the most intelligent of the coffee makers on our list. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by the plethora of sophisticated features on offer here. And, good news, the coffee is also excellent!

Alexa and Bluetooth control the Smarter Coffee coffee machine. It also works with the app If Then That (IFTTT), which allows your devices and applications to communicate. Integrating with IFTTT extends connection beyond the built-in Alexa to several other apps.

Furthermore, a smart geolocation option implies that your smart home coffee maker can detect when you’re going home and begin making the coffee.


  • Extensive connection
  • Built-in burr grinder
  • Various faceplates to complement your design


  • The carafe is not insulated.

7. Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine

This high-quality coffee machine can brew four different sizes of coffee: Ristretto, Lungo, Espresso, and Americano. Who doesn’t like a good Americano in the morning?

Because of Nespresso’s “Thermoblock heating,” which adds 19 bars of pressure and three temperature settings, your coffee is ready in less than 30 seconds. You may also alter all settings and start brews via the companion app.


  • Premium coffee maker
  • Beautiful metal design
  • Heats up in 30 seconds


  • Nespresso capsules are required (pods)

What is a smart coffee maker?

A smart coffee maker is a more technologically advanced version of the standard coffee machine. It is characterized by its ability to connect to your devices or home automation systems via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, unlike a regular programmable coffee maker. This allows you to remotely control the brewing process, customize settings, and schedule brewing times through your smartphone. This level of control enables you to prepare the perfect cup of coffee suited to your taste and schedule.

What is the purpose of a smart coffee machine?

The main advantage of a smart coffee maker is its ability to begin brewing and change settings via a smartphone. This convenience allows you to prepare the coffee the night before and have it ready and hot when you wake up. The scheduling feature in these smart devices also enhances their usability.

How to choose the best smart coffee maker

In choosing the best smart coffee maker, it’s important to consider the same factors as with any other coffee maker such as the number of people you’re brewing for, the cost, the ease of installation and use, customization options, scheduling capabilities, maintenance needs, and capacity. Also important is how it integrates with your existing devices and the app’s functionality. The type of filter the machine uses, the brewing method it employs, and the potential internet security concerns should also be considered.

Types of smart coffee makers

There are three main types of smart coffee makers: Drip system coffee makers, pod coffee makers, and espresso coffee machines. Your choice will depend on personal preference, the type of coffee you prefer, and the convenience you are looking for.

Reasons to use a smart coffee maker

A smart coffee maker simplifies the process of making coffee by allowing you to set a timer for when your coffee should be ready. You can even start brewing coffee without being physically present in the kitchen through voice commands or via a mobile app. This ensures that you get a perfect cup of coffee every time.

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