6 Best Small Coffee Grinders Reviewed

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Looking for the perfect coffee grinder? Check out our list of the best small coffee grinders! These handy tools can help you get the perfect grind every time, making your coffee taste better than ever. From manual to electric options, we’ve got you covered.

The best small coffee grinders

We’ve reviewed the best small coffee grinders on the market, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

small coffee grinder

Fellow ode electric brew grinder

The smallest High-End Electric Countertop Grinder.

Fellow has done a fantastic job producing a high-quality burr grinder that is both capable and compact and provides incredible grind particle consistency.

Fellow has promised a user-friendly equipment with a small footprint, outstanding quietness, near-zero grounds retention, a fashionable look, and groundbreaking particle size uniformity, particularly built for single-dose, non-espresso brewing

It’s really fast, quiet, and attractive. It’s an excellent choice for manual brewing methods such as pour-over, and it excels at coarser grinds for brewing methods such as French press and cold brew. You don’t have to grind your beans by hand because it’s electric. It’s also compact, measuring 4.7 (L) x 9.5 (W) x 9.4 (H) inches in size.


  • 64 mm burrs are extremely fast
  • Small for an electric grinder
  • Superb grind consistency
  • Very quiet


  • Finer grinds aren’t its strong suit
  • When grinding, it’s a mess
  • More expensive

Hario mini slim ceramic coffee mill

The Hario micro-thin ceramic coffee mill is a wonderful option for those who want a manual grinder with a ceramic burr that doesn’t require much space.

You can quickly change the grind of your bean by adjusting the settings, and one cycle of grinding produces two cups of coffee.

The handle can be detached from the body for convenient storage or transit.

It’s also available in a pro-level version with a stainless steel body and a die-cast aluminum handle for improved grind uniformity and less wear.

Cleaning the Mini Mill grinder regularly is the key to keeping it in good working order. The plastic hopper can be cleaned with little dish soap and a quick rinse in the sink.


  • Low cost
  • Small form factor
  • Consistent grind
  • Simple grind adjustment


  • Over time, the handle and shaft deteriorate
  • While grinding, the material on the bottom doesn’t give much traction
  • It’s more difficult to adjust the grinder than it is to move a digital dial
  • Best for single servings

1zpresso q2 manual coffee grinder

The Q2 is a compact, sturdy, and cheap portable burr coffee grinder featuring a high-quality aluminum alloy body and conical stainless steel burrs.

It fits the plunger of those expensive Aeropress coffee machines and is small enough to pack in your bag for travel.

The main focus of this grinder is mobility without compromising quality. In addition, it’s one of the smallest grinders on the market, making it ideal for individuals who grind little amounts of coffee beans daily.

It’s ideal for medium-fine to medium-coarse grinds, ideal for AeroPress and pour-over brewing.

It isn’t designed for folks who want to grind for espresso because it isn’t very good at fine grinds.

In a medium setting, the Q2 can grind 15-20 grams of coffee in 25 to 40 seconds (depending on the roast level and provenance of the bean).

Overall, if you like manual brewing methods and need a hand grinder that can fit into any travel pack, this grinder is equal to the task.


  • Great grind size consistency
  • Small (fits inside AeroPress plunger)
  • Many grind settings


  • Bean capacity is limited (less than 25g)
  • There are no ultra-fine grinds

Vevok chef manual coffee grinder

It is reasonably priced, yet it provides an unrivaled consistent grind. The burr is made of stainless steel and has six precise settings for different grind sizes. The glass container can store up to 48 grams of coffee beans, and the hopper can carry up to 20 grams. This grinder is suitable for both fine and coarse grinding.

Clean the place where the burr and beans are kept with a dry brush. Then, rinse the hopper with water for a more thorough cleaning. It is, nevertheless, important to dry it as soon as possible.


  • Pleasing design
  • Solid construction
  • Great coffee grinding
  • Portable size


  • Include a little brush and a portable pouch

Eureka mignon specialita

The Specialita is a grinder that demands your attention. It is one of the best models in the Mignon series. It comes with reasonably sized 55mm burrs, a configurable step-less grind adjustment system, and Eureka has carefully cased the motor in noise insulation to limit the noise and vibration generated by the motor for an extraordinarily low price.

The grinder has a programmable timed dosing, LED touchscreen, and stepless grind adjustment, among other features.


  • There was a lot of mess, but it was manageable
  • Adjustment of the burr on the grinder is done in a stepless manner
  • It’s small and compact, taking very little counter space
  • The grinder can grind as fine as Turkish coffee and as coarse as a French press
  • Eureka’s “High-Speed Maintenance” system allows you to disconnect grinder parts for deep cleaning in minutes with only a few tools
  • The Eurekas ACE System (Anti Clumps and Electrostaticity) assures that very few grinds clog the chute or adhere to the grinder’s body


  • The hopper cut-off flap may irritate you
  • The portafilter cradle appears to be low-cost. Although they utilize a very identical cradle on their highest-end grinder as well
  • These days, ground retention is a major concern. People have a low expectation of retention. Some of the grounds will be kept by the clump buster.

Shardor electric burr coffee grinder

Shardor, the company that makes this coffee grinder, has long specialized in kitchen appliances.

The SHARDOR Electric Burr Coffee Grinder has 14 grind settings and is flexible and affordable. You can easily customize your coarseness for several manual brewing methods, such as AeroPress, French press, automatic drip coffee, and cold brew.

The customizable amount option allows you to grind enough coffee for 2 to 12 cups. The top chamber, container, and grinding burr can be easily removed for cleaning. After grinding, use the supplied cleaning brush to clean the coffee grinder’s interior.

This grinder is ideal for small homes with limited counter space with compact design and cord storage.


  • Affordable
  • A good grind range
  • When the required grind is obtained, the machine automatically shuts off
  • One-touch switch operation is easy to use
  • With 14 built-in grinding settings, it’s ideal for any brewing method


  • Not fine enough for espresso
  • Pretty noisy

The Advantages of Owning a Small Coffee Grinder

In recent years, coffee has become more popular than ever. And while many people still purchase coffee from their favorite local café, an increasing number of coffee drinkers are choosing to grind their own beans at home.

The biggest reason for this is that grinding your own coffee beans results in a fresher and more flavorful cup of joe. But another big advantage of grinding your own beans is that you can get a much better grind size for your particular brewing method. This is where having a small coffee grinder comes in handy.

A small coffee grinder is perfect for those who want to enjoy fresh, homemade coffee without having to invest in a large-scale grinder. These grinders are typically small enough to fit on your kitchen countertop, and they often come with multiple settings so that you can get the perfect grind size for your preferred brewing method.

Other advantages include:

  • Convenient Size
  • Less Messy
  • More Affordable
  • More Control Over Grind Size
  • More Flavorful Coffee

What should I look for in a small coffee grinder?

A superb cup of coffee requires genuine freshness, which can only be achieved by grinding the coffee yourself before brewing it.

There are several coffee grinders on the market today, and deciding which one is the best might be difficult. However, a few factors to think about while selecting the best coffee grinder. These are some of them:

Particle size and consistency

This is the most crucial feature to check for when purchasing a grinder; the beans must be ground finely and consistently.


If you want the best coffee grinder, be prepared to pay more money. Remember that a good electric grinder will cost you $100 or more. However, with higher-priced models, quality and durability nearly usually go hand-in-hand.


Avoid grinders with high-speed motors since they produce too much heat and burn your coffee, causing you to miss out on the flavor and fragrance. When it comes to the correct speed, burr coffee grinders are typically the best option. Using the grind settings, you can determine how coarse or fine you want your coffee grounds to be.


As previously said, a good grinder should not grind too quickly since it can overheat and burn your coffee.

Cleaning and ease of use

A decent grinder should be easy to use and have an easy user interface. Cleaning your equipment should not take more than a few minutes.

While every coffee grinder has to be cleaned, the best ones can be quickly removed and cleaned without making a huge mess.


If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll want to opt for the quietest grinder on the market.

Electric coffee grinders vs. Manual coffee grinders

It’ll almost certainly be a manual grinder if you want the smallest coffee grinder possible. It’s considerably easier to squeeze them into a smaller footprint than an electric coffee grinder because they don’t have a motor.

Manual grinders might also come in handy when trying to travel light.

The main advantage of an electric grinder is its simplicity of use. You select your preferred grind size, press a button, and you get fresh ground coffee in seconds. It doesn’t get much easier or more enjoyable than that.

How much coffee can a small grinder grind?

This depends on the size of the grinder and how finely it is set up to grind the beans. Small grinders are good for grinding coffee beans for a single cup of coffee. The grinders can be adjusted to make the coarseness of the grind as fine or as coarse as needed. A small grinder can be used to make a fresh pot of coffee or to prepare a single cup.


Although the smallest coffee grinders are not usually the most powerful, they can produce great coffee and offer several conveniences without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re searching for a portable manual burr grinder or a small tabletop grinder, you can’t go wrong with these alternatives.

We hope that this list has helped you in determining which coffee grinder to choose for your needs.

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