6 Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers with Grinder Reviewed

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When it comes to brewing coffee, there are many options available to you.

You can grind your beans in a grinder, buy pre-ground ones, use a pour-over, or even an espresso machine.

Fresh cup of coffee.

However, when you’re in need of a quick cup of coffee in the morning, single-serve coffee makers with grinders are your best choice.

These machines are designed to brew one cup at a time, so you don’t have to worry about making multiple pots before the day is done.

They also come with built-in grinders so they can brew freshly ground beans at the perfect consistency for the perfect cup of coffee every time you need it.

This guide will show how these machines are uniquely designed with features that save you time and the best options available for you.

Best single-serve coffee makers with grinder

Cuisinart dgb-550bk grind & brew

Cuisinart is yet another company with a well-deserved reputation for its coffee makers. The DGB-550BK is one of the most basic machines in its class, but it still makes a very good cup of coffee in small batches.

When it comes to quantities, there are a few options to experiment with. When making small batches, you can make anywhere from one to four cups. You can even pause the process halfway through to get that first quick cup.

Once again, you can have the machine grind whole beans for very fresh coffee, or you can choose pre-ground if you prefer.

There will always be times when you will need to refresh visitors. This machine comes with a carafe that can hold about 12 servings.

Out of the box, you also get a gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter.

The former is excellent for producing a superior cup of coffee, while the latter aids in water purification. The fewer impurities that accumulate in the machine over time, the longer it will last (and the less frequently you will have to descale it).


  • Brews excellent coffee, even with oily coffee beans
  • Coffee pot keeps coffee drinkable for up to four hours.
  • A well-built and long-lasting coffee maker with plenty of brewing capacity.
  • Programmable and can be paused mid-brew for a quick cup.


  • A burr grinder is more effective than a blade grinder.
  • Rather than storing beans in bulk, you must measure them out each time.
  • Another rather loud grinder that takes about 30 seconds to process.
  • Many components to clean after each brew.
  • Carafe is not dishwasher-safe and is prone to leaking over time.

Breville bdc560bss grind control coffee

One of the most flexible options on the list is the Breville Grind Control, Coffee Maker. Brew a single cup before work or a whole pot when you have guests over—this machine can handle it all.

Adjustable grind level and brew strength allow you to tailor your coffee to your preferences. Convenience features such as programmable auto-start are also beneficial.


  • Its sleek design and stainless-steel finish
  • The clarity of the LCD screen, as well as the ease with which all of the settings can be viewed
  • The enormous capacity for storing coffee beans
  • The extensive selection of options, including brew strengths and single-serving options


  • There are a lot of moving parts.
  • Costs twice as much as comparable coffee makers
  • You may need to double-check that the grinder is properly filled with beans.

Casara single-serve coffee maker

The Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker includes everything you need to make a delicious cup of coffee, including a travel mug and a reusable filter.

It’s great for office workers because you can set it to brew and have your coffee ready in the morning. Because it is so small and simple to use, you can even keep it on your desk at work.


  • Comes travel mug and reusable filter
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Programmable


  • A bit loud

Mr. Coffee single cup coffee maker

Mr. Coffee has a reputation for producing high-quality consumer goods at a reasonable price. This coffee maker lives up to the hype by including a travel mug and reusable dishwasher-safe filter.

It’s also adaptable, with an adjustable drip tray and the ability to brew from whole beans or pre-ground coffee. We also like that many of the components are dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.


  • The coffee maker’s simplicity is a breath of fresh air
  • It is a single-serve coffee maker and only a single-serve coffee maker
  • The included travel mug is a huge bonus
  • The unit’s price is fair and feels low for such a high-quality machine.


  • Grinds can get messy
  • Grinder isn’t of the highest quality
  • Only good for single-serving coffees

Krups personal café grind drip coffee maker

The Krups Personal Café has the appearance of a small automatic drip machine rather than a single-cup brewer. That’s because it does both jobs at the same time and with the same ease.

This small brewer can brew up to 4 cups at a time. We also like that the grinder is strong enough to handle any beans, including oily dark roasts, without becoming clogged.


  • The machine’s unique appearance
  • The numerous options for bean grinding
  • It’s extremely compact and simple to maintain
  • It produces delicious brewed coffee


  • There is no single-serve option
  • The coffee maker cannot be pre-programmed
  • Functionality is limited.

Hamilton beach grind and single brew serve

The Hamilton Beach 49989 grinder coffee maker is one of the few true single-cup – and only single-cup – grinder coffee makers on the market.

However, as with the Breville machine I just reviewed, you can skip the grinding process entirely and use pre-ground coffee instead.

Freshly ground beans will always produce a better cup of coffee, but there are some pre-ground brands that I enjoy occasionally.

The brewing process is extremely simple in this location. You place your beans in the bean hopper, fill the machine with water and then press the Grind / Brew button. The rest is taken care of automatically by the machine!

If you want to use pre-ground coffee, place it in the 49989’s permanent filter basket. Add your water, then press the Brew button once more. To be honest, it’s difficult to screw things up.

Overall, it’s a very simple coffee maker to use. Two buttons do the job, so this is a great option if you want your kitchenware to be as simple as possible.


  • Quick and easy to clean filter basket.
  • Extremely compact and ideal for smaller kitchen spaces.
  • Self-cleaning cycle makes life very easy.
  • Very simple controls make for an accessible machine.


  • The grinding process is a little noisy.
  • Not intended for heavy use.
  • Rather than a burr, a blade grinder is used.
  • The filter basket can allow grounds into the coffee, and the bean hopper absorbs a lot of moisture after brewing.

What is a single-cup coffee maker?

What exactly is a single-cup coffee maker? These are coffee machines that can only make one cup of coffee at a time.

They are relatively compact, and you will not have to wait long for a fresh brew. They’ve been created specifically to make your mornings memorable.

All you have to do is make sure your grinder is full of your favorite coffee beans and the reservoir is full of water. Then you can go about your business while your coffee machine takes care of the rest.

If you enjoy coffee, this is by far the best gift you can give yourself. Thanks to these machines, your mornings will always be brightened by a hot cup of freshly brewed delicious coffee.

Do you really need to use a grinder?

Any coffee expert will tell you that grinding your coffee beans is the best option. This is because freshly ground coffee beans taste better than coffee that has been sitting in packets for a few days before being brewed.

This is because the beans’ volatile coffee aromas and chemicals react with the environment and fade away.

Because of the presence of this group of coffee enthusiasts, a new product category of a single-cup coffee maker with an integrated grinder, also known as the single-cup grind and brew coffee maker, has emerged.

Buying a single-serve coffee maker

Grinding the beans just before brewing is the best way to ensure that your coffee tastes fresh. That step is taken care of by single-serve grind and brew coffee makers.

This is not only more convenient, but it also reduces mess and frees up counter space. Does this sound like something you’d like to have in your kitchen?

There are models to suit every home and lifestyle, so you won’t have to look long to find one that works for you. Let’s get started!

Let us consider some of the most important factors when selecting the best single-cup coffee maker with a grinder.


If you want to buy an expensive item, such as a coffee maker, you must first set a budget. After you’ve determined how much you’re willing to spend, you can choose a machine that meets all of your requirements.

Single-cup coffee makers range in price from $100 to $1,500. As a result, it is up to you to select an appliance that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

Grinding mechanism

Single-cup coffee makers can use either a blade or a burr grinding system. Each of these mechanisms serves a specific purpose and is appropriate for a variety of situations. Let’s make a quick comparison of the two.

Burr grinders provide a consistent and even grind. They are far more dependable and consistent, ensuring that you get the most flavor from your coffee beans.

Because they don’t generate much heat, the taste of the coffee is unaffected.

Blade grinders, on the other hand, are more affordable. They do, however, produce an uneven grind and reduce the potency of the coffee beans.

Furthermore, they generate heat during the process, which has the potential to burn the beans and impart a charred flavor to your cup of joe.


We’ve all heard that bigger isn’t always better, and choosing a single-cup coffee maker is a perfect example of that. As a result, before purchasing a coffee maker, you should consider its size.

If you only drink a couple of cups of coffee per day, you don’t need a large machine that can brew 14 cups at once. Instead, a 1-4 cup coffee maker appears ideal for those who only want to make coffee for themselves and drink in moderation.

On the other hand, a larger coffee machine is best suited for families with more than one device user. However, because we’re looking at single-cup coffee makers, we must limit our search to smaller appliances.

Powering options

There are two types of single-serve coffee makers: gravity-powered and electric. While electric coffee machines are powered by electricity, gravity-powered coffee makers allow air pressure to seep into your coffee grounds and improve extraction.

If you want a coffee machine that produces results quickly and is simple to use, an electric model will suffice. However, a gravity-powered machine is preferable if you need a general coffee maker for camping or traveling.

Water reservoir

Some water reservoirs are detachable and have handles to do cleaning and refilling easier. They are far more practical than the reservoirs that are permanently attached to the coffee maker.

A larger reservoir requires less refilling. This is useful for households that drink multiple servings per day. Furthermore, some coffee makers do not include a water reservoir, so you must measure and add the appropriate amount of water each time.


If you’re looking for single-cup coffee makers, you’re probably looking for speed. After all, it is the primary benefit of a single-serve coffee machine.

Those looking for a coffee maker that produces quick results should look for one with a powerful heating mechanism. It should be capable of boiling water and brewing coffee in under a minute.

A machine that necessitates you to manually heat and pour water over ground coffee beans takes twice as long.


The quality of your carafe has a big impact on the quality of your coffee. A thermal carafe is usually preferred over a glass carafe.

A thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm without affecting the flavor, whereas a glass carafe is usually placed on a hot plate, which cooks the flavor out of the coffee.

Brewing options

A good coffee maker should allow you to brew your coffee differently, depending on the occasion. Mild, medium, and strong are the most common brewing options.

When a coffee maker gives you multiple options, you can choose to brew your coffee based on your mood rather than waking up and drinking the same type of coffee every day.

Filters vs. Pods

Coffee pods are commonly used in single-serve coffee makers. These are small cups, similar to K-cups, made of aluminum or plastic. They come with pre-portioned coffee grounds and a built-in filter.

Although they are simple to use, they are more expensive than using home-ground coffee. There are some recyclable K-cups available, but their filters are not eco-friendly.

Soft pods are another well-known option. They eliminate plastic waste by packaging coffee in round paper filters, similar to tea bags.

Instead of pods, many coffee makers use reusable filters. They are environmentally friendly but require more effort. You must fill the filters with ground coffee and wash them after each use.

Travel mug compatibility

The majority of single-cup coffee makers with grinders are small and portable. They may, however, not always be compatible with a travel mug.

It is preferable to look for a machine with adjustable cup height so that you can use it while traveling.


A coffee machine is not an inexpensive purchase that can be replaced after some time. You must clean and maintain the appliance so that it can be used for an extended period.

To maintain its quality and ensure good results, you should deep clean your coffee maker once a month. As a result, having a machine that is simple to clean and maintain is advantageous.

Additional features

Aside from the basic functions of a coffee maker, you may be interested in a few advanced features. When looking for the best single-cup coffee maker with a grinder, keep these features in mind.

  • No noise motor
  • Temperature control
  • LCD screen for easy navigation
  • Grind settings
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature
  • Pre-set programs

Types of coffee grinders

In single-serve coffee makers, there are two types of grinders: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade grinders chop coffee beans into smaller pieces by spinning a blade. On average, the longer you run the grinder, the smaller the pieces will be.

This is a practical way to grind the coffee, but it is nearly impossible to achieve a consistent grind.

Beans closer to the blades are ground to dust, while those farther away remain in larger chunks. Grinds of varying sizes extract at different rates, resulting in a cup that is sour or bitter.

Burr grinders crush the beans between two revolving surfaces called burrs rather than chopping them. The space between the burrs determines the size of the grind, allowing for more precise adjustments than a blade grinder allows.

You’ll also get a more consistent grind size and, as a result, a better-tasting cup of coffee.

A variety of size adjustment options are desirable in a standalone burr grinder. This is less necessary in a single-serve machine.

This feature is primarily useful if you brew a lot of very dark roasts. Dark-roasted coffee oils can get stuck between the burrs, so increasing the grind size can help.

Ceramic grinders vs. Steel grinders

The material isn’t a big deal if you have a blade grinder. Steel blades are commonly used for strength and durability, but it doesn’t matter much else as long as they are sharp enough to cut coffee beans.

Burr grinders are commonly made of two materials: steel and ceramic. Ceramic grinders are more resistant to repeated wear and hold their edge for longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

They also produce less heat, preserving the flavor and mouthfeel of the coffee.

Steel grinders are more common owing to their lower cost of production. Their main advantage is their resistance to impact. A steel grinder is preferable when traveling with your machine because ceramic grinders can crack or chip from impact.

Steel burrs, on the other hand, can generate a lot of heat. This removes the oils from the beans, resulting in gunk buildup on the burrs and a less flavorful cup of coffee.

Disadvantages of single-cup coffee makers with grinder

  • They are more difficult to maintain: With the addition of a grinder, you now have another part of the machine to clean and maintain. It’s also possible that something else will go wrong, and if you don’t keep up with your cleaning routine, the machine will clog or break.
  • The grinder is less versatile: Even if your machine or grinder has multiple adjustment levels, they are all within the ideal range for drip coffee. If you want to use it for manual brewing, you’ll need a separate grinder.
  • Increased weight and bulk: A built-in grinder eliminates an appliance and frees up counter space, but the coffeemaker is larger and heavier as a result. If you’re looking for a portable option, this is mostly a problem.

Why coffee grind sizes matter

The reason you should grind coffee before brewing it is that it increases the surface area. The total surface area increases as the size of the coffee particles decreases.

This means that the water has more opportunities to interact with the coffee and extract the flavor compounds faster.

Brewing a rounded cup of coffee is all about controlling the extraction rate so that you get all of the flavors you want while avoiding those you don’t. There are numerous factors to consider, but as a general rule of thumb, the ground level is coarser the longer the water touches the ground.

You can tell if the coffee beans have been over-or under-extracted by tasting them. Under-extracted coffee has a thin or weak flavor and is overly bright and sour.

Coffee that has been over-extracted is bitter and dark, with an unpleasant aftertaste.

If you notice any of these flavors in your coffee, try adjusting the grind slightly. Because different beans and roasts have different densities, there is no ideal grind level for any brewing method.

Experimenting with the ground level can give you a sense of how important grind size is for coffee flavor.

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