12 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

12 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

The old-fashioned pour over coffee is a perfect way to brew your coffee. The most significant advantage of this coffee maker is controlling the amount of coffee you need. There is minimal wastage of your good coffee beans when using this process. You do not need the pricey detachable coffee makers.

Does pour over coffee taste better?

How you measure your coffee beans determines its taste. Coffee enthusiasts using pour over method insist that when you avoid using paper filters, the feeling will be amazing. Coffee will have a natural flavor since all cacao oils pass into your coffee.

The best way to debate on this is to make brew coffee by yourself using this method.

3 best filtered pour over coffee makers

If you are no willing to give up filters in coffee brewing, you need a perfect coffee maker with efficient filters that make your coffee clear and tasty.

Here are the top picks;

Melitta Ready Set Joe single-cup pour over coffee maker



Are you looking for a brew on a budget? Melitta is the best pick and costs under $10. The single-cup pour over very is classy for your kitchen and ideal for traveling. It comes with 100 filters, which is the greatest bargain. Its simple design makes it very easy to clean. It has a screen that lets you see the amount left when you are filling your cup to prevent spillage.

It is named after Melitta Bentz, a German woman who invented a paper coffee filter.


Sanyo Sangyo porcelain pour over coffee maker

Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker



The coffee maker is produced by Sanyo Sangyo. The coffee maker is designed using Japanese porcelain and is available in 5 different colors. The flower petal designs on its sides allow coffee to spread hence producing a saturated and robust cup of coffee. It is very easy to use and does not require a manual guide.


Hario V60 Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Tanors Ceramic Coffee Dripper



The Hario v60 is affordable and beautiful for your kitchen. It is ceramic designed with raised groves funnel for a consistent brew.


Four filterless pour over coffee makers

Do you now filterless coffee makers means more flavor? Filters reduce the taste of your coffee by absorbing some oils. A filterless coffee maker also reduces wastage.

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Maranello Caffé stainless steel reusable Pour over Coffee maker with stand

Maranello Caffé Stainless Steel Reusable Pour Over Coffee Maker with Stand



Combines two filters- a macro mesh inner layer and a laser cut out layer for a clear cup of coffee. You do not need filters to enjoy your cup of a cup. It strong and cannot break or wobble. You can easily dispose of the grounds.


Meltera stainless steel single-cup Pour over coffee maker

Meltera Stainless Steel Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker



The machine from Meltera is made with stainless steel, ultrafine, and double mesh. It has a wide base that can fit most coffee cups. Its body is easy to clean and doe snit stain. It has non-borosilicate rings that prevent slips and scratches.


JavaPresse pour over coffee maker with reusable filter and stand

JavaPresse Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter and Stand



It has a double-wall, 28-micron stainless steel mesh for quality filtration. No coffee grounds will get into your cup. It is designed to produce the full flavor of your coffee without the use of sopping filters. It has a shatterproof, which makes it a good choice for road trips.


Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer 

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer



It is stainless and dishwasher safe. It has an eco-friendly, reusable steel filter. You empty and rise used grounds and reuse it.

Fits on most coffee cups which makes it good for traveling. It has a wide base that fits well on coffee cups. The rubber grip also helps in preventing skipping, which saves you from wastage and staining.


Five best Pour over coffee makers for caffeine addicts

Are you a regular coffee drinker? If you take several cups of coffee a day, brewing one cup at a time can be tiring. You need a pour over coffee maker that can produce several cups to serve you throughout the day. Here are the top picks;

Melitta pour over brewer

Melitta Pour Over Brewer



The high-cost brewer can produce up to 6-cups. It has a BPA-free cone for high caffeine brewing.

The filter cone is dishwasher safe and comes with five filters on purchase.


Osaka pour over coffee maker with reusable stainless steel filter

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter



It has a permanent stainless steel filter, glass lid, and heat resistant collar. The borosilicate glass carafe maintains your coffee temperatures without changing its flavor. You will get a fresh brew every time you use it.

When serving coffee, remove the filter and serve up to 7 cups. The glass lid allows you to stash the coffee leftovers with ease for later caffeinating.


Chemex 8-Cup classic series glass pour over coffee maker

Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker



Do you know coffee brewing can be fun? If you want to feel like a scientist mixing different ingredients brewing your coffee, this is the best coffee maker.

The Chemex coffee maker can brew up to 8 cups of coffee. It’s made with a non-borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and does not absorb coffee flavor. It can be heated over a stove with low heat. Never use an electric coil it will break it.

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Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker



Worried about the glass carafe? The Pykal has a dense glass, which makes it durable and can withstand heating over a stove or hot coffee piping without cracking.

It has a double-layered mesh filter for reinforcement and is rust-resistant. It comes with two brushes for cleaning the filters in between different brews.


Barista Warrior pour over coffee maker with permanent filter

Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter



The five-cup pour over coffee maker has a permanent stainless steel filter layer with wire mesh. It produces a clean brew and is easy to pour. You will have as easy cleaning time with this coffee maker.



More than 4 cups of filtered coffee a day may have a negative effect on your LDL cholesterol levels.

Take enough coffee each morning, during the day or in the evening to keep you alert.

The old fashioned Pour over brewing is a great way to make your morning cup of coffee.

Get the best pour over coffee maker that is within your budget and coffee demands for happy caffeinating.

The biggest advantage of using a pout over coffee maker is taking control of the amount of coffee you want to brew. You will not waste your quality beans or brew excess coffee than you need.