Best Porcelain Drip Coffee Pot Makers

On a tight budget and looking to buy a reliable coffee machine? A pour-over coffee maker will not let you down. Pour-over machines are affordable and get you a delectable cup of coffee. Additionally, they allow you to have complete control over your brewing. You control your ground saturation, water temperature, brewing speed, how much you make, etc.

Whether or not the pour-over brewers make your brew better is up for debate. The best way to figure it out is to experiment with different brewers. Here are some pour-over coffee makers to give a shot.

Walkure Karlsbad Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker

Walkure Karlsbad Porcelain Pour Over Brewer

Unlike any other. Coarsely ground coffee is suspended over two porcelain grids, arranged one on top of the other, and neither paper, cloth, or metal are part of the equation.

Designed by a German artist, this easy to use brewer is what you need to prepare great-tasting coffee. It yields a very high-quality coffee and requires no accessories to prepare coffee. It is simply an excellent all-in-one system though it is slightly pricey compared to the average pour-over coffee brewers.

To brew with it, just add your coarse grounds and hot water. No filter or carafe is needed!


  • Sizes available: 1 cup
  • Available in: Porcelain
  • Portability: 2
  • Skill required: Easy
  • You’ll also need: Nothing
Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker

Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker

Porcelain Ceramic 1-to-4 Cup Brewer in 5 Beautiful Colors

Available in five different colors, this pour-over brewer from Sanyo Sangyo gets you the cup of joe you crave for. It is designed to get you more robust coffee.

It has a beautiful flower petal structure, with the flower petals lining the brewer walls, allowing the coffee grounds to expand entirely within the filter for better saturation and is made of high-quality Japanese porcelain.


  • Available in 5 colors
  • Unique drip coffee brewer for Fresh Filter Coffee
  • Elegant, smart design
  • Better brewing
  • 1-to-4 cup brewer
Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain Pour Over Brewer

Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain Pour Over Brewer

Crisp and full taste The Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain pour– over delivers an excellent brew.

Just like the Karlsbad, the Bayreuth doesn’t require any accessory. Just water and coffee! It also easy to use, and with a built-in two-tiered porcelain filtration system, you will surely get a brew that will leave your taste buds thankful. 

We love this classic brewer because you can bet on it to seamlessly brew any gourmet coffee you crave for in a matter of minutes. Give it a shot!


  • Quality build: constructed entirely of porcelain; handmade in Germany
  • Elegant design: imagined by artist Daniel Eltner
  • Self-contained brewer: requires no extra accessories
  • Easy to use: recommended for beginners or professionals
  • Includes: water dispersion plate, server, brew chamber with a built-in filter, and lid
  • 2 practical capacities: 350mL (11.8oz), 700mL (23.67oz)
2-Cup White Porcelain Filter Drip Coffee Maker

Melitta 36 oz. Pour Over Coffee Brewer with Porcelain Carafe

This 36 oz. pour-over coffee maker with carafe is the perfect way to make a great pot of gourmet coffee. Includes a carafe, brewing cone, lid & scoop, plus a start up supply of Melitta #4 cone filters. The heavy duty porcelain filter cone is top-rack dishwasher safe.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • White porcelain
  • #1 cone uses #1 or #2 filters.
  • 15 oz capacity. 5.75 in. high overall, 3.25 in. high without filter holder, 4.75 in. belly, 6.75 in. 
  • Handle to spout

To use it, heat water separately and pour over coffee grounds. Use with trivet on the stove on low heat only for warming.

French Drip Coffee Pot by HIC Harold Import Co.

French Drip Coffee Pot by HIC Harold Import Co.

The HIC Porcelain Drip Coffee Maker includes a porcelain pot with lid and a porcelain #1 coffee filter cone. HIC Porcelain is oven, broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Capacity: 2.25 cups

The people of Louisiana can tell you a lot about this brewer. They have used it for years to brew tea and coffee, especially their famous chicory coffee. Its ability to make great coffee is one reason it has a special place in Louisianans’ heart.

The traditional pot is named grégue in French, and the coffee prepared this way is known as café grègue.

Most of the traditional French drip coffee pots are made of enameled steel, which tends to lose the temperature quite fast. However, the ceramic pots can keep the drink hot for a long.

The French drip coffee brewing method is no different than using a manual device that drips into a cup. The only difference is that you can prepare more than a cup at a time with a French drip pot, and you can keep the coffee hot for some time. The Chemex is a coffee drip pot variant made of glass. It looks very modern because you can see the pot’s coffee, but it is not very practical because coffee gets cold very fast.

HIC Harold Import Co. Coffee Maker – Drip with Pot, White Porcelain is a French drip coffee pot that is made of ceramics and glazed with white porcelain for a nice finish. Its filters are made of the same material and have a modern conical shape that helps for a perfect extraction.

The dripper can be used with Melitta filters (No#1, #2, no#3, and no#4 size filters).

Adjusting your grind helps get a perfect cup of joe. Grind fine if it drips too fast and a little coarse if the water passes through the ground too slow.

Bonus! The ideal temperature for drip coffee is between 195° F – 205° F. You can use a variable temperature electric kettle to control the temperature. 

Kinto Faro – Filter-Free Coffee Dripper and Pot from Japan

Kinto Faro – Filter-Free Coffee Dripper and Pot from Japan

[FARO] coffee maker that has the image of a lighthouse towering promontory. Breath hot in the intervals of work, perfect for the series at such time

Kinto Faro Coffee Dripper Po is more advanced than the HIC one and is made from porcelain with a stainless steel mesh filter. This mesh filter is a great improvement for your coffee. It makes sure you get a clearer cup. The porcelain is thick enough to stabilize temperature during brewing and afterward.

Want to discover your inner barista? We enjoin you to give the above coffee brewers a shot. We are certain they won’t disappoint you.

Get crazy with coffee!


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