Best Nootropic Coffee: Boost Your Coffee 5x, 10x

Best Nootropic Coffee

Do you wish to be more productive? Are you looking for effective ways to improve your cognitive function? Guess what you can do? Drinking Nootropic coffee is the best way to get all these.

Nootropics are commonly known as “smart drugs.” They are becoming increasingly popular coffee, just like killing two birds, one stone, kind of thing. Taking this coffee will improve your cognitive function.

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The benefits of Nootropics

Drinking good coffee can improve your mental well-being. Caffeine helps you get mental clarity, improved memory, and enhances your ability to learn faster. Bulletproof coffee style=”font-weight: 400;”> enables you to optimize your everyday productivity. This is the cognitive effect that is best brought out by nootropic coffee.

Nootropics are used for improving focus, memory mood, motivation, and cognition- David Tomen,

So, what the heck is Nootropics, and why don’t I know about this yet?

Nootropics are smart drugs. The drugs give cognitive benefits to the brain. I.e., help your brain work better. In other cases, nootropics are classified under supplements because they are safe, protect the brain, and lack the negative side effects.

These smart drugs are commonly used by people who work 15+ hours a day.

So is coffee a nootropic?

Coffee gives your brain some boost. Nootropic coffee gives your brain much more.

By adding some compounds to your daily coffee, it helps in improving your brain performance. The beverage sharpens your mind and provides long-lasting energy and not just helps you wake up.

Are you telling me to take drugs?

No. I am telling you to take coffee that makes you smarter, more efficient, and more focused. Dr. Sarah Brewer, Nutritional Medicine.

 All nootropic coffees are legal and contain caffeine. They are non-addictive and can be completely natural. While some may contain some chemicals, they cannot harm your body.

How to pick the right nootropic coffee


How do you go about picking the best nootropic infused coffee?

Do you prefer buying whole bean coffee or grounded beans? Or instant coffee. Some of these models may not taste great but will work great for your brain.

If you are particular about your coffee, brewing your own coffee is a good idea, or you can add dissolvable powder nootropics.

The above questions will guide you in getting the best type of nootropic coffee.

The 5 Best Nootropic coffees

Here are the nootropic coffees that will improve your brain functions.

Kimera Koffee – Original

Kimera Koffee - Original



Kimera Koffee is one of the most popular smart coffees today. It is a 12 oz ground coffee with 725 mg of vitamins. Currently, it does not come with the whole bean. The coffee contains all-natural amino acids naturally found in foods but hard to get from diets alone. These include Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine.

When drinking this coffee, expect increased energy levels, increased focus and concertation, and better athletic performance. You will not experience any jitters that come from regular coffee.

Kimera uses coffee grown in the Dominican countries, and they add the four amino acids. The caffeine level is similar to that in regular coffee, but the effects are different.

The extended caffeine boost will keep you from the dreaded caffeine crash. However, you do not need to drink 5 cups and be fine all day.

Is Kimera Koffee vegan? Yeah.

Where do in Buy Kimera Koffee? You can buy it from amazon.


  • Natural ingredients


  • No option for the whole bean
  • Most expensive option


Kimera Koffee Jujimufu

Kimera Koffee Jujimufu



Another of Kimeras offerings is the Jujimufu coffee.

It is a dark roast version of brain enhancing coffee. If you like dark roast coffee, it is great to take your game to the game level with this type of coffee. It contains 4 natural amino acids found in regular coffee. The coffee comes from the Dominican Republic and is pre-ground.


  • Has natural ingredients


  • No option for the whole bean
  • It is expensive


Bulletproof coffee – Mentalist

Bulletproof coffee - Mentalist



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Bulletproof coffee is very popular because it is an all-round brain-enhancing beverage with more sustainable energy bursts.

While Kimera coffee is brew with supplements, the Bulletproof is a recipe. Coffee is mixed with grass-fed unsalted butter and brain octane oil. The concoction keeps you fueled all day and enhances both your physical and mental performances.

While you can make your own Bulletproof coffee with coconut oil<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> and butter, the bulletproof sources and roast their own coffee, which is ideal for your health. It is also free from other toxins and harmful substances present but does not come with any nootropics.


  • Whole bean or ground
  • Grown organically
  • Grown at higher altitudes on singles estates in Guatemala


  • The coffee does not come as a nootropic. You have to add coconut oil and butter to enhance brain benefits.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil 



Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee



Four Signatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Signatic Mushroom Coffee



What is mushroom coffee? It is coffee with mushrooms. It is very healthy and has benefits such as boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and balancing stress hormones. It has a cognition effect where it enhances your brain performance.

Four Sigmatic contains wild mushrooms, and they are put through a concertation extract process, and then coffee is added. It comes with instant coffee packs.


  • It has health benefits of mushrooms


  • Only available in instant coffee. No brewing options


Mastermind Coffee

Hyperfocus - Brain Enhancing Nootropic Coffee



Mastermind coffee is a nootropic that blends with organic coffee with Yerba Mate, a popular tea from South America. It is made up of two natural ingredients and has cognitive benefits.

Other benefits include a smooth increase in energy without experiencing a crash, enhance mood, memory, and improve alertness. It has some beneficial nutrients and minerals. Tea contains caffeine, which is non-addictive, unlike coffee.

You can buy coffee beans of grounds for the best tea/coffee combinations


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Comes as ground and whole bean


  • With only two ingredients, you may miss some nutrients


The verdict

From the above list, Kimera Coffee is the best nootropic coffee. The smart-boosting coffee is all-natural and will give you all the benefits you are looking for.

Do you think drinking nootropic coffee can make you smarter?



Are nootropics addictive?

Nootropics are non-addictive but have brain enhancing cognitive skills, boost brain performance, and keeps you more efficient and focused. The all-natural ingredients have many benefits for your health.

Is coffee a nootropic?

Nootropic coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is useful in enhancing alertness and mood. The smart drugs can also improve cognitive functions such as memory boost and brain performance.

Is it safe to drink nootropic coffee every day?

Yes. Drinking nootropic coffee everyday with moderation is good for your health. Drinking in moderation will ensure you avoid palpitation and hyperacidity. The all-natural ingredients are good for your memory and brain.

Do nootropics have side effects?

Nootropics come from all-natural ingredients and do not have adverse side effects. For a long time, they have been used as brain boosters, but too much usage may result in some side effects. A condition called stacking-combining two or more cognitive enhancers to achieve maximum results. This may cause severe effects on your body.



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