5 Best Mocha K-Cups Reviewed & Buying Guide

There are numerous coffee flavors, but Mocha is one of the most delectable. What could be better than chocolate and coffee together? Fortunately, K-cup makers have caught on to this trend, so you have a plethora of delectable options.

We sampled all of the leading brands to come up with this list of our five favorites. We’ve produced extensive reviews to help you choose the best Mocha K-cups, considering flavors, ingredients, and overall quality. Prepare yourself for a chocolatey cup of coffee!

Our 5 top mocha k-cups – Reviewed

1. Café escapes café mocha k-cup pods – top pick

Gourmet Single Cup Coffee CAF Cafe Mocha - 12 Count K-Cups CAF Esca[ES,(Green Mountain Coffee Roasters)
658 Reviews
Gourmet Single Cup Coffee CAF Cafe Mocha - 12 Count K-Cups CAF Esca[ES,(Green Mountain Coffee Roasters)
  • A perfect pairing of chocolate and coffee for a rich and creamy experience
  • Coffee K-Cup for Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewer; no messy grinding or clean up
  • Airtight to lock in freshness and flavor
  • Brewing occurs inside the K-Cup so no flavor residue is left behind to spoil the next cup

The Café Escapes Café Mocha comes in a 24-pack and is a delicious coffee and chocolate flavors blend. The chocolate is rich, while the coffee is understated. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or treats if you want one.

This Mocha is tasty, but it contains a lot of sugar and other artificial chemicals. If you try to be as natural as possible with everything you put into your body, this isn’t the drink for you.

These K-cups are designed to work with Keurig Single Cup Brewers, but they are also compatible with the Keurig 2.0.


  • Excellent blend of coffee and chocolate
  • 24-pack
  • Compatible with Keurig Single Cup Brewers and Keurig 2.0
  • Excellent for a pick-me-up or a quick treat


  • Too much sugar
  • A lot of artificial ingredients

2. Starbucks mocha medium roast Keurig pods – the runner-up

Starbucks Mocha Medium Roast Keurig Pods come in a case of 24 pods and are designed for use in Keurig Single Cup Brewers. Each pod contains a delicate blend of Starbucks coffee and milk, as well as the ideal quantity of delicious chocolate, providing you with the sweet pleasure you deserve at any time of day.

This Starbucks blend is tasty, but you can tell it’s created with processed goods. It’s not the same quality as what you’d find in a Starbucks. It also has a mildly bitter aftertaste in the tongue.


  • Made with milk and a Starbucks coffee blend
  • Rich chocolate
  • 24 pods
  • For Keurig Single Cup Brewers


  • Processed taste
  • Leaves an unpleasant aftertaste 

3. Gevalia mocha latte espresso k-cups for keurig 

The Gevalia Mocha Latte Espresso K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig brewing systems, including the 2.0. The froth powder is manufactured from actual milk, while the coffee is made entirely from Arabica coffee beans.

We thought this blend to be uninteresting when we initially tried it. We reduced the cup size, and it became tastier, but it began to have a slightly bitter taste.

The Gevalia K-cups came in a case of 36 pods, but roughly 10% of them were faulty. They cracked open, allowing grounds to enter our coffee cup.


  • Mocha froth powder made with real milk
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • 36 K-cups


  • Somewhat unpleasant flavor
  • Bland
  • Defective cups 

4. The Original donut shop coconut mocha k-cups

The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha, Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Flavored Medium Roast Coffee, 96 Count
3,240 Reviews
The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha, Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Flavored Medium Roast Coffee, 96 Count
  • Medium roast coffee with the taste of coconut-topped chocolate donut
  • Extra bold (contains more coffee than regular K-Cup pods)
  • Medium roast caffeinated coffee
  • Each K-Cup pod is made with 100% Arabica ground coffee
  • No artificial ingredients and certified Orthodox Union Kosher (U)
  • Ensure high-quality coffee every time with pods specially designed to work in Keurig coffee makers

The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups are a coffee mix that tastes like a coconut-topped chocolate doughnut and has no chemical additives.

The maker says that these feature additional coffee for a more robust flavor, but we found them watered-down. We didn’t notice much of the chocolate or coconut.


  • Extremely bold
  • Tastes like a coconut-topped chocolate doughnut
  • No artificial ingredients


  • There isn’t much chocolate or coconut flavor
  • It tastes watered-down
  • The new packaging isn’t appealing.

5. Green Mountain toasted marshmallow mocha k-cups

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Toasted Marshmallow Mocha, Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Flavored Light Roast Coffee, 72 Count
1,590 Reviews
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Toasted Marshmallow Mocha, Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods, Flavored Light Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • BRAND STORY: The mountains are a special place. It's where Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born. It's where we developed our adventurous spirit and commitment to improving the lands through sustainably sourced coffee. We're driven to bring the world a richer, better cup of coffee. Be bold. Be alive. Grab a cup and get out there.
  • TASTE: Savor the familiar summer taste of fireside s’mores. Smooth and sweetly aromatic, with the flavors of toasty, golden marshmallows and creamy chocolate.
  • ROAST: Light roast, caffeinated coffee and is certified Orthodox Union Kosher
  • COMPATIBILITY: Contains genuine Keurig K-Cup pods, engineered for guaranteed quality and compatibility with all Keurig K-Cup coffee makers
  • RECYCLABLE K-CUP PODS: Simple. Delicious. And Recyclable. Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love, and when you’re done just peel, empty and recycle. Check locally, not recycled in all communities. Packaging may vary.

The Green Mountain Marshmallow Toasted Mocha K-Cups are sold in boxes of 18 pods. This is a seasonal flavor that mixes the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows.

The coffee has a weak flavor, and the marshmallow doesn’t even taste like a marshmallow, let alone toasted marshmallows. It’s a good option for something unusual during the fall season. However, it has an artificial aftertaste.


  • Seasonal flavor
  • 18 K-cups


  • Lacks flavor
  • Doesn’t taste like roasted marshmallows
  • Has an artificial aftertaste 

What is k-cup coffee?

A K-cup is a single-serving coffee packet that is used with a Keurig coffee maker. The ground coffee is packaged in the cup and includes a filter. On top of the packaging, there is an aluminum lid.

The metal foil is pierced when you set the K-cup in the coffee maker, and hot water flows through the cup. In addition, the coffee machine will drill a hole in the bottom of the K-cups. The coffee is then brewed directly into a mug beneath the K-cup. Each K-Cup serves one cup of coffee.

What are the benefits of using mocha k-cups to brew coffee?

Because of their numerous advantages, people are increasingly turning to K-cups rather than regular coffee. As a Mocha K-cup enthusiast, I’ll explain why Mocha K-cup is the best option.

Easy to make

Making traditional mocha coffee takes more than 5 minutes. You’ll have to brew the coffee first, steam the milk, and adding the perfect amount of milk.

And you know how difficult it is to measure coffee from a bag and the proper amount of milk! It’s a long and complicated procedure for me. This is not something I will spend my time on unless I have a lot of square time.

Budget-friendly high-quality

Have you ever needed real coffee and wanted to run to a coffee shop to enjoy it? Then you realize that a cup of coffee outside costs the same as your handmade coffee over a week. And, guess what, K-cups are the best option in this situation.

Although the average price of K-cups is more than that of regular coffee, it is still significantly less expensive than a coffee shop. If you modify your habit, you will save a lot of money at the end of the month.

Reduce your waste

Furthermore, conventional coffee requires more stirring than necessary, resulting in the waste of half a pot. Especially with a drink that requires a lot of ingredients, such as Mocha, you end up with a large mug. With K-Cups, you need to wash the mug you drink from, saving you money and time.

Buyer’s guide: Choosing the best mocha k-cups

You’ve seen our best Mocha K-cups, but have you made up your mind about which one to buy? Please continue reading for our simple suggestions on how to buy an excellent brand.


Which coffee tastes are the best? Find out with your tastebuds! The easiest method to figure out which Mocha K-cups will taste the best to you is to try them all. Do you favor added flavors like marshmallow or coconut, or are you a purist when it comes to mochas? Order a flavor that appeals to you, and let us know what you think!


The quality of a K-cup is determined by two factors: the beans and the cup itself. Look for K-cups prepared with high-quality Arabica coffee beans for the best flavor. You’ll also want a well-made cup with a tight-fitting foil lid and a sturdy, undamaged plastic cup. Some of the K-cups we tested were poorly made, so keep an eye out for these flaws.

Here are some considerations you should not overlook unless you want to waste money. Let’s have a look!

The compatibility

Before flavor, price, or ingredient, the most crucial thing to consider before buying is compatibility. Most Mocha K-cups available today are compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 brewing systems.

However, some goods are only compatible with the Keurig 1.0 machine. If you don’t want to waste time buying and returning something, thoroughly examine this feature.

The ingredients

Some Mocha K-cup manufacturers, such as The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-cups, use solely natural ingredients in their goods. I would not recommend The Café Escapes Café Mocha if you are sensitive to Sucralose, a common artificial sweetener.

Furthermore, as with typical ground coffee, the quality of the coffee bean will determine the taste of your coffee cup. If you are not too picky about flavor, you can go with any options listed above.

However, if you want to taste a coffee shop-quality mocha, I recommend Gevalia Artificially Flavored Mocha K-cups. It has a lovely flavor because of the vivid and silky Arabica beans.

How to make a mocha with Keurig

This thick and creamy Keurig Chocolate Mocha is quick and easy to make, with a strong chocolate taste. For a cold-weather treat, top with whipped cream or marshmallows!

Are you ready to experience the finest Keurig mocha you’ve ever had?

While you could prepare a mocha-flavored k cup and call it a day, this recipe is extra exceptional and considerably creamier than store-bought. It comes together quickly, and you can use any of your favorite standard k cups for this recipe. This recipe is very adaptable; you can easily make it dairy-free or add additional seasonings.

How do you make a mocha in a Keurig? Begin by preparing one normal k cup of coffee. As desired, warm the milk and prepare the chocolate “base” with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, or chocolate sauce. Combine everything and season with sugar to taste. That’s all!

Keurig mocha recipe


  • 1 regular k cup, preferably dark roast
  • Sugar, optional
  • 1/2 cup milk, heated
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, or 2-3 tablespoons chocolate chips or sauce
  • Whipped cream for garnish


  • Heat the milk until it is steaming, then stir in the cocoa powder, chocolate chips, or chocolate sauce. Whisk everything together until it’s smooth and frothy.
  • Fill a cup halfway with milk and brew 1 k cup at the smallest cup setting. The 4-ounce size is preferable, but the 6-ounce size can also be used.
  • Stir well and add sugar to taste. Garnish with whipped cream or marshmallows if desired.

Pro tip

Use 2 percent or whole milk to make your chocolate mocha extra creamy.

Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with a warm beverage in hand. Here are a couple more possibilities I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

To make it dairy-free, start with cocoa powder and replace conventional milk with an equivalent amount of almond, coconut, or oat milk.

Add a few drops of peppermint extract to the recipe to produce a peppermint chocolate mocha. Use 1 standard k cup, 1/2 cup milk, and 3 tbsp white chocolate chips to make a white chocolate mocha in your Keurig.


The best mocha K-cups for you will be determined mostly by your flavor preferences. We propose that you read each brand’s description and try the one that sounds the most appealing to you. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide help you in finding flavorful mocha K-cups quickly.

To summarize, our favorite is the delectable Café Escapes Café Mocha. Starbucks Mocha Medium Roast Keurig Pods are our runner-up. The Gevalia Mocha Latte Espresso K-Cups for Keurig comes in third place.


You might be wondering about some frequently asked questions about Mocha K-cups. Let’s figure it out together!

Are mocha k-cups keto-friendly?

No, I would say. Most products on the market today contain a substantial quantity of carbohydrates, which comprises sugar.

Are Mocha k-cups gluten-free?

No. They are frequently made with whole milk, which includes trace gluten.

Do the mocha k-cups come with good froth?

Yes. Before you dispense the K-cup, add the package to your mug. For a better top, slightly agitate the cup when the coffee is delivered.

Do mocha k-cups contain caffeine?

Some are made with fresh coffee beans, while others are decaffeinated.

Can k-cups be recycled after use?

Yes. You can open the packet and throw the contents into the garden. Then rinse the plastic and put it in your recycle bin.

Are k cups bad for you?

Because K-Cups are made from coffee grounds and paper filters, they are not as environmentally friendly. The plastic in k-cups are safe.

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