Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands

Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands
The integration of natural and synthetic chemicals has enabled experts to create any flavor. That’s why there are hundreds of flavored coffees available in the market. Banana flavored coffee, raspberry-flavored coffee, cinnamon-flavored coffee, French Toast Flavored Coffee and a lot more.

Among the flavored coffees, Hazelnut flavored coffee is one of the world’s favorites, which is prepared by infusing the hazelnut flavoring into the coffee beans.

But, what makes it so special?  The answer lies in the creamy and smooth texture of the hazelnut. You will comply with the statement if you have tried this. If not, you will when you try it.

This article is about Best hazelnut coffee Brands. Before we list the brands, let’s see what is this magical nut that imparts exotic flavor to the coffee, followed by the method to prepare hazelnut coffee at home from scratch, using the original nuts.

Without further delay, let’s dig deep into this.

What is Hazelnut?

It will be unjust not to discuss Hazelnut in a discussion on the hazelnut coffee. Can we do that? Obviously not.

Hazelnut reminds me of something from Hollywood.

Remember the Scrat from the ice-age and the nut it had?

That squirrel never stopped chasing a nut, and that nut was hazelnut.  Hazelnut is the fruit of a tree named Corylus avellana or Hazel, which is native to Europe and Western Asia.

Talking about its composition and taste profile, Hazelnut is rich in fats, proteins, and minerals. These macromolecules have important biological functions and are mandatory for life. It is because of its high nutritious value, people have been using hazelnut since ancient stay healthy. Moreover, its smooth and creamy taste and texture are incredible which you can’t resist.

How to make a sensational cup of hazelnut coffee?

How to make a sensational cup of hazelnut coffee using the original nuts at home? No syrup, nothing artificial, all-natural and pure, from scratch.

Want to know the secret?

Here it is…

The recipe to prepare hazelnut coffee using the nuts is very simple and requires a few ingredients, which are as follow:

  • Fresh coffee beans
  • Shelled, unsalted hazelnuts (Can be purchased from the supermarket, or online)
  • French Press
  • Grinder
  • Hot Water

That’s it.
Once, you have the ingredients arranged on your countertop, it is time to finally prepare the coffee. Start the procedure by grinding the coffee beans and hazelnuts together in a grinder. The preferred ratio of the coffee beans to the nuts is 2:1, but depending upon your taste, you can change this ratio too.

Next, brew the coffee in the Fresh press to make sure that the final product has a rich taste and aroma. That’s it. hazelnut coffee is ready……

Best hazelnut coffee Brands:

We have listed the Best hazelnut coffee Brands below. Moreover, these brands are not arranged in any specific order. You can choose one that best suits your taste.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast Ground Coffee:

Size: 12 Ounces

Made from the premium beans, Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast has a smooth taste, sweet aroma combined with the overtones of the hazelnut. The exotic flavors make it scrumptious and an unforgettable experience. To savor the finest taste, use cold filtered water, and add 1 tbsp (5 g) of ground coffee to every 6 fl. oz. (180 mL) of water. Store the ground coffee in a cool, dark place to preserve its flavors.

New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme, Medium Roast Ground Coffee:

New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme


Size: 11 Ounce

Made from the 100% Arabica beans, this coffee has infused chocolate and creamy cappuccino flavors combined with the pronounced flavors of hazelnut, and hints of sweetness. This is a perfect blend for the people who want a sweet flavor in the coffee.

Don Francisco’s Ground Hawaiian hazelnut coffee

Don Francisco's Ground Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee


Size: 12 Ounce

Made from the 100 % finest quality Arabica coffee, Hawaiian hazelnut coffee is a perfect blend of flavors of hazelnut, coconut, and French vanilla. These exotic flavors impart a creamy, and nutty taste to the coffee, which is hard to resist. The coffee is named Hawaiian hazelnut coffee not because it is produced in Hawaii. It is called Hawaiian because its flavors are exotic like the exotic weather, beaches, and landscapes of Hawaii.

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Jose’s Hazelnut cream Arabic coffee

Jose's Hazelnut cream Arabic coffee


This coffee has a good quality profile. It’s premium taste and sweet pronounced aroma make it a perfect beverage for any part of the day. Made with 100% Arabica beans, this is is not a cheap choice. You get a few ounces for dollars. But the value is justified for its premium quality.

Eight O’clock Whole Bean hazelnut coffee:

Eight O'Clock Whole Bean Coffee, Hazelnut,


Size:33 Ounces)

Made with the 100% Arabica beans, which are originated from South America, this coffee is a perfect blend of subtle notes of hazelnut, and a sweet buttery aroma. The beans are medium roasted, and both the taste and aroma are smooth and balanced, making this blend perfect to be enjoyed in the mornings.

Lovesome Ground Coffee Hazelnut

Lovesome Ground Coffee, Hazelnut



Size: 12 Ounces

The coffee is pre-ground, and is made from 100% lightly roasted Arabica beans. This blend has pronounced hazelnut flavor and is perfect choice for the busy mornings or when you need a pick-me-up.

Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored, Ground Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored


Size: 5 pounds

Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored has a good quality profile. The blend has a rich and nutty flavor and is made from the light roasted beans.  The coffee is pre-ground, so you don’t need to spend your time grinding the beans. If you buy this 5-pound bag, you don’t need to worry about your coffee supply for months. But, what about the taste and freshness of the coffee. Will that last long too? Don’t worry about the freshness of the product, as the beans are roasted and ground immediately before packaging, to preserve the premium taste and freshness of the coffee for an extended period.

San Francisco Bay Coffee, Hazelnut Crème:

San Francisco Bay Coffee, Hazelnut Crème:


Size: 32 Ounces

San Francisco Bay Coffee, Hazelnut Creme is a light, creamy, and nutty blend which is prepared using the German hazelnuts.  The flavor of the product is not too prominent. So, it might not be the best choice if you are looking for something with more pronounced and intense flavors.

Kahlua Gourmet Ground Coffee, Hazelnut

kahua hazelnut


Size: 12 Ounces

Remarkably creamy and nutty, the Coffee features the delicious rum, vanilla, and caramel flavors of Kahlua Coffee Liquor. It is made from 100% Arabica beans. The packaging is airtight to trap the flavors for a long period.

Melitta Hazelnut Crème Flavored Medium Roast Ground Coffee:

Melitta Hazelnut Crème Flavored Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Size: 11 Ounces

The coffee is a blend of  sweet, buttery and rich hazelnut flavors which makes it perfect when you need a pick-me-up. The product is made from the finest quality coffee beans collected from the best coffee producing regions around the globe. The beans are grinded finely, to ensure the maximum flavor and aroma in the final product.



Does hazelnut coffee has hazelnuts in it?

No, it doesn’t. It has hazelnut flavoring which is infused using the natural or artificial flavors.

What is artificial hazelnut flavor?

Hazelnut Flavor (artificial) is one of the more popular flavors used in bakeries around the globe. It features sweet and buttery taste of Hazelnut. It is also popular because it combines well with vanilla extract and other common baking flavors. It can also be used for hard candy flavoring, smoothies, coffee, frostings etc.

How do you add hazelnut flavor to the coffee?

Hazelnut flavor to the coffee can be added either using the artificial hazelnut flavor syrups or making the coffee from scratch using the hazelnuts, the procedure of which is discussed above.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of coffee flavors available and everyone has his/her favorite depending on his/her preferences. Hazelnut flavored coffee is very popular among the folks because of its creamy, and nutty flavor, and consumed on large scale globally.

Have you tried hazelnut flavor? What is your favorite thing about it? Let’s know your experience.