8 Best French Vanilla Coffee Reviewed

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The habit of adding vanilla flavor to coffee dates back to prehistoric times. It began as a way to enhance the flavor of pre-brewed coffee, but it rapidly spread to include it in the roasting process as well.

However, with the wide array of choices available in the market today, it can be hard to choose one. This article will guide you in identifying the different roasts and types of beans and how to make your pick. We also collated our top French Vanilla Coffee to help you in making a choice.

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Our top picks for French Vanilla Coffee

Despite the various availability of options, these French Vanilla coffees stood out from the rest.

Lifeboost Coffee French Vanilla

Blended with French vanilla oil, Lifeboost Coffee has a powerful and natural flavor. Despite the vanilla flavor, it doesn’t overpower the coffee beans. You can use it as a whole bean in various of your favorite coffee drinks.

It is manufactured using the best beans from small coffee-producing farms in the mountains of Nicaragua. So that mild roasting can bring out the bean’s flavor and add caffeine without producing a high acid content, coffee is grown in the shade.


  • Organic; no artificial flavor
  • Uses high-quality vanilla oil
  • The company has fair trade practices for farmers


  • Pricey
  • Bland packaging
  • Limited sources of beans
  • Fading of vanilla upon brewing

Dunkin’ French Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee

Blended and roasted to replicate the taste of Dunkin’ coffee, the French vanilla coffee is now available. Look no further if you’re a Dunkin’ and French vanilla coffee fan. With their French vanilla roast, Dunkin’ Donuts can bring their famous coffee to your kitchen. The sweetness and creaminess of the French vanilla add depth to the roast without dominating it. Hence, you can now brew a cup of this smooth-tasting coffee at home.

Arabica beans from South America produce this all-Arabica coffee, giving it a rich, complex flavor without sacrificing caffeine.


  • It has a French Vanilla scent.
  • Low acidity and less bitterness
  • Medium roast for flavor and caffeine retention
  • Made from South America, 100% Arabica beans


  • Coffee becomes weak when brewed
  • Not the same as the roast in Donut shops
  • French Vanilla taste strength needs improvement

Volcanica French Vanilla

The French Vanilla from Volcanica Coffee is a great option for those who prefer their coffee without bitterness. This all-Arabica coffee has a rich vanilla flavor without the weird aftertaste of certain lower-quality brands. If that wasn’t enough, you could get it in whole bean or ground to your preference, and it’s also decaffeinated.


  • Not bitter
  • Value for money
  • It has a money-back guarantee
  • No aftertaste; it has a strong vanilla flavor
  • It comes in three grind sizes as well as decaf


  • Expensive

Maxwell House French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Maxwell House is unbeatable. Although the coffee has a rich, full-bodied flavor, it is given an extra dose of French vanilla, similar to the company’s popular creamer. So even though it lacks the intensity and taste of our top pick, this is still a good cup of coffee to begin the day with. Even frequent coffee drinkers can use the enormous 29-ounce jar for several weeks.


  • Can be bought in bulk


  • It lacks the intensity and taste compared to its counterparts

Cameron French Vanilla

If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll enjoy this roast. You can expect a high-quality taste from the Cameron French Vanilla. To ensure that your drink isn’t overly bitter, the company only uses Arabica beans from the top ten percent of the crop. Moreover, small-batch roasting is used by Cameron French Vanilla to ensure that every sip is bursting with flavor. The firm can guarantee that the entire bean is roasted and covered in taste by not over-packing the beans.


  • Affordable
  • Uses high-quality arabica beans
  • Small batch roasting for less bitterness
  • Environmentally friendly sustainable sourcing and processing


  • Can be over-roasted
  • Some cups may have a weaker vanilla flavor
  • Diverse quality due to the small-batch roasting

Eight O’Clock French Vanilla Coffee

If you are looking for an easy-to-drink coffee that you can consume any time of the day, the French Vanilla Coffee from Eight O’Clock is a great choice. Eight O’Clock has been supplying the best-tasting coffee products for more than a century.

They’ve taken their favorite basic roast and infused coffee with French vanilla taste to give you a cup that’s even more decadent. The caramel flavor comes from French vanilla coffee. Because of the special combination, you get a rich, creamy French vanilla flavor.


  • Medium roast for enhanced flavor
  • Purchases help local coffee farmers
  • With caramel hints for a sweeter taste
  • Made from 100% Arabica Beans from South America


  • Flimsy packaging
  • Bitter for a medium roast
  • Coarser grind compared to its counterparts; leading to a weaker brew

Jim Beam Bourbon Vanilla Flavored-Coffee

Coffee lovers may now enjoy their favorite French-style coffee with a dash of Irish bourbon flavor, thanks to Jim Beam Bourbon Vanilla. Even though the flavor is reminiscent of bourbon, this is a non-alcoholic coffee. Bourbon dominates this mix, but it’s still good for coffee drinkers wishing to branch out. However, this is more expensive than some of the others.


  • Unique flavor


  • Expensive
  • Bourbon may overshadow the vanilla

Dean’s Beans French Vanilla Whole Bean

Dean’s Beans French Vanilla Whole Bean Coffee is free of artificial flavors. This vanilla coffee is flavored with only the finest natural ingredients, including essential oils and extracts. The coffee is cultivated organically without synthetic chemicals, false caffeine, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Omni degradable bags that may be used for household composting are used for packaging the freshly roasted beans. Moreover, it has a smooth and creamy texture with a strong vanilla hazelnut coffee.


  • Not bitter
  • Fairtrade
  • Kosher certified
  • Delicious and creamy
  • Organic decaf coffee


  • Pricey

What is French Vanilla Coffee?

Many people believe that French vanilla is a sort of vanilla from France, but this is not the case. It’s not the origin of vanilla that the French are talking about, but rather the way of producing ice cream in France. Vanilla and egg yolks are used to make a French vanilla ice cream. As a result, anything vanilla-flavored is now referred to as “French vanilla.”

Where did vanilla originate?

As a spice, vanilla originates from the orchids of the genus Vanilla and is used in food and cosmetics. Growing requires a lot of time and effort, making it pricey. Most of it is made in the countries of Madagascar and Indonesia.

How is French vanilla coffee made?

In reality, French vanilla coffee is not related to French origins; it is just Arabica coffee with vanilla flavoring. When it comes to flavoring coffee, roasting the whole beans first and then putting them in a blender with vanilla syrup to infuse them is the first step.

Types of roasts

The roasting process is arguably the most important step in the coffee-making process. This is because roasting coffee allows you to add a significant amount of taste. Each of the four basic roasts has its unique flavor profile. In addition, there are four shades to choose from light, medium-dark, and dark.

Light roast

The most acidic and caffeinated coffee beans come from a light roasting process. These roasts give you a better sense of the beans you’re using. As a result, these beans are the least greasy on the market.

Medium roast

With this roast, you get a lot more taste out of the process, but you retain a lot of the caffeine. This roast has a strong scent, as well. In the United States, medium roast is the most popular type of roast. This roast became renowned thanks to big brands like Folgers and Maxwell House.

Medium-dark roast

The oil begins to accumulate on the bean at this point. So while the roasting process is evident, you can still detect hints of the original bean.

Dark roast

This roast is also the one with the most oil in it. The darker the roast, the more sweetness is imparted by the roaster. The dark roast may be your cup of tea if you enjoy robust and complex flavors. Hence, the darker the roast, the less acidic and caffeinated it is.

Kinds of beans

Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa are the four varieties of beans used in the production of coffee. Across the globe, they are divided into many more subcategories.

Arabica beans

Coffee made from Arabica beans has the best flavor and aroma. These beans account for almost seventy percent of the market. In addition to having a more powerful flavor, these coffee beans are also more expensive.

Robusta beans

Even though it has less flavor, this bean is less expensive. Caffeine addicts prize robusta beans because of their high concentration of stimulants.


Despite its limited use, Liberica is a huge hit in the Philippines. It has a more pronounced flavor than Robusta, but it’s not widely available.


There are only a few places in the world where Excelsa can be found. Unfortunately, because of its rarity, it’s hard to come by.

How to find great french vanilla coffee

The market for flavored coffee has grown significantly in recent years. To find the greatest french vanilla coffee, follow these steps.

  • Find a reputable roaster of coffee beans.
  • Choose a flavor of French vanilla you like.


It’s essential to find the roast that you like best. Don’t worry about spending a little extra to see what works best for you. Instead of settling, take advantage of the wide range of options available at reasonable prices. You may also find distinct flavors from specific places. The way the beans absorb the vanilla flavor can also impact the coffee’s final flavor. The best french vanilla coffee has all of these characteristics.

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