Best French Press Travel Mugs And Tumblers

Best French Press Travel Mugs And Tumblers

As a coffee buff that loves seeing new places, traveling doesn’t have to put your taste buds and innards through untold turmoil. A French Press travel mug is all you need – and your coffee beans,  of course! 

Still unsure how a lowly mug could do the magic? Here’s the inside scoop. 

With a French Press mug, all the essential goodness you love about coffee seeps into your beverage with little effort on your part. 

The remarkable thing about the French Press mug is the absence of any form of restriction on where you can use such. While it’s often used on-the-go, it can become a favorite in your household.  

What is a travel French Press?

Having full bodied, flavorful coffee while you’re on the go is one of those small luxuries that can make traveling all the more enjoyable.  But, if you are a coffee enthusiast, having pressed coffee on the go might be a necessity.  That is where a travel French Press comes in handy.  It is a great way to make pressed coffee while you are on the run.

Most travel French Press machines are really quite simple.  Imagine a travel coffee mug with a plunger on the top (the plunger is the part of the press that presses the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the cup so you can drink the coffee on top).  All you need to do is mix some hot water and coffee grounds together inside the mug, then place the lid on top and press down the plunger.

A lot of coffee drinkers love their travel press because they can make pressed coffee and drink it out of the same container.  If you use a traditional French Press, you will have to prepare the coffee in one container and then transfer it to another to drink it.  If you are in a hurry, this is very inconvenient.  But, a travel press allows you to skip this step of transferring the drink to another container.

Perhaps the best thing about a travel French Press is that you can prepare your coffee while you’re on the go.  If you are running out the door on your way to work, you can throw hot water and coffee grounds into the cup and then screw on the lid.  As you are walking to your car, the coffee mixture will be steeping.  When you get into your car, you will find that most travel presses will fit into the cup holder.  By the time you get to work, your coffee will be ready to be pressed.  You can just slowly press down the plunger as you walk into the building where you work.  Then, your coffee will be ready to drink by the time you sit at your desk.

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This is a truly convenient way to enjoy coffee on the run.  If you dislike automatic drip coffeemakers, then you should really check out a French Press.  If you find that you are often on the run, a travel French Press might be for you.  They are available from several different companies and in several different styles.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best French press travel mugs available right now:

Bodum Travel Coffee Press Mug


As far as French press mugs are involved, Bodum would always be mentioned, emphasizing the popularity of the Danish firm in the business.  Such immense fame over a product hasn’t gone to their head as this Bodum coffee press mug doesn’t disappoint. Its construction is topnotch.

A stainless steel interior means its durable and can be rinsed in a dishwasher. Also, You wouldn’t be gulping a lukewarm beverage – the double-walled construction prevents any significant change in temperature of the liquid.  It comes enmeshed in a silicon-based jacket for a better grip. 

Another attribute in favor of this coffee press mug is how easy it is to use. Having a complicated gadget on your travels is a no-no, and this Bodum coffee press mug is anything but that. 

These and many other factors could explain the popularity of the Bodum coffee press mug among travelers,  tourists, and anyone looking for a handheld alternative to a coffee maker.  


  • Decent capacity
  • Remarkable grip made possible by the silicone-based jacket
  • Available in different color combinations


  • While the mug keeps your coffee hot, you might have to distract yourself for a while before the beverage is ready for consumption
  • There’s always the possibility of the beverage seeping into the double-wall construction
  • Durability isn’t the strongest suit of this coffee French press mug 


Planetary Design Travel French Press 

Planetary Design travel french press cup

It’s always refreshing to see a product offer value from another perspective, and that is precisely what this travel French press mug does. You can enjoy multiple doses of your chosen beverage as the mug has ample space available for holding surplus ground coffee until the need arises. This additional section of the mug can hold just about anything, it’s not limited to just coffee.  

Another feature of this mug that could prove decisive for the average user is its double-walled construction.  Like the Bodum considered earlier, this is entirely stainless steel without the threat of the harmful BPA. 

You can hold the mug by its ergonomically placed steel handle without getting burnt as it’s wrapped in an insulating sleeve, reinforcing just how convenient it is to use this coffee press mug. Also, the handle has an opening which makes storing the mug easy. And you don’t have to replace your cup holder as this mug has a base that’s so different from the average cup.  


  • Additional storage space could prove quite helpful on your travels
  • Not restricted in the color department
  • Exterior features a gloss finish which is impregnable to marks that  comes with everyday use


  • A few design flaws exist including the fragile cover for the aperture on the handle


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Stanley Vacuum Press Mug

Stanley Vacuum Travel French Press Mug



It’s pleasurable to enjoy your coffee without the desired temperature faltering too much, and that’s precisely what this French press mug by Stanley promises. Will such a promise hold water under varying weather conditions? That’s left for you to find out.  But the promise appears not to be a bogus one as the mug has a distinct vacuum serving as insulation which prevents the content of the mug from losing or gaining heat and for several hours too.  

To make things more interesting, it has a stainless steel construction, so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the mug or rust formation. The harmful BPA doesn’t feature as there’s little or no plastic involvement in this mug.  

With French press mugs, there’s always the problem of detaching the press and cleaning it, but that appears not to be the case with this unit as it is easy to remove the press and clean it. Also, with the vacuum press mug being dishwasher-friendly, you don’t have to worry about keeping the mug clean.  

Finding a French press mug that can withstand the rigors of travel is no mean feat, but this vacuum press mug might fit the task. It has a lid that keeps the content of the mug Intact due to the impressive design involved in the production of the mug. 

Despite its many attributes, its base doesn’t vary from the regular cup, so your cup holder still has its job. This French press mug is certainly a worthy addition to your travel supplies.  


  • Multifunctional French press mug
  • Little temperature alteration over a long duration
  • The lid keeps the content of the mug intact
  • Zero rust fears


  • Its weight is quite significant for a French press travel mug




Espro Travel Coffee Press Tumbler

Espro French press On the go


This French press tumbler has a lot going for it. From its double-walled construction with a stainless steel framework to its unique filters, it’s a true definition of value. Due to the nature of its interior, your beverage can stay hot for hours, just the way you like it. 

The filters in this Espro travel French press tumbler are reputed to be among the best in the industry, so you don’t miss out on any essential nutrient in the ground coffee bean.

To keep the unwanted remnants from penetrating the filter while giving you that rich coffee taste you desire, the lip of the filter is adequately sealed. 

Though the tumbler can be cleaned in a dishwasher, you can always take the manual approach if the need arises. This Espro travel press tumbler is built to last, and this could be decisive for those of us with a knack for breaking things. 


  • It’s available in different colors
  • Offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Its stainless steel double-walled interior is rust-proof
  • Impressive build
  • Doesn’t take that much effort to clean the tumbler
  • Its unique filters deliver a beverage packed with nutrient and minute leftover 


  • Its 12oz capacity is rather low



ZYLISS French Press Coffee Mug

Cheap Travel French Press Mug Combo Zyliss


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If you are on a tight budget and would still like to own a coffee French press mug, this might be what you need. It’s not one of those mass-produced junks on sale everywhere, this was put together by the combined effort of Sebastian Conran, a renowned British designer, and ZYLISS. Don’t let its bland look fool you, this mug can be a handful. 

Its double-walled construction does a decent job of keeping your coffee hot or cold. And you don’t have to fret about BPA.  

For a quick coffee intake, you need only add the necessary items including water and depress the plunger and your beverage is ready. 


  • Budget-friendly French press mug 
  • It’s compact and easy to carry around
  • The mug can be used with different beverages


  • Its 12oz capacity is small 
  • Its filter could be better
  • Spills can happen anytime especially if the mug is slanted


What is the right French Press Mug for You? 

Picking the French Press Mug that’s perfect for you requires a lot of consideration. For us,  the Espro Coffee Press Tumbler and the Stanley Vacuum Travel Press Mug come out on top. The former’s excellent filters and its impressive design did it for us. The ZYLISS Travel Press is always worth looking at for anyone interested in an affordable and efficient unit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are Bodum travel mugs BPA free?

While most Bodum travel mugs claim to be BPA-free, the sincerity of such a claim depends on the material used. The Bodum travel coffee press mug has a double-walled construction using stainless steel, so fears of BPA does not arise since plastic, the major culprit, is not involved. 

Can you put Bodum travel mug in the dishwasher? 

This will depend on the specific Bodum travel mug. This Bodum travel coffee press mug is dishwasher – friendly, so you can clean the mug in the machine without any problems. 

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