5 of the Best Flavored Coffee To Try

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As passionate coffee lovers, we know that sometimes you crave a twist on your traditional cup of joe. Whether it’s a hint of cinnamon or a fruity touch, flavored coffee can bring a whole new dimension to your daily brew.

That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate guide to the best flavored coffee on the market, so you can indulge your taste buds and explore new, exciting flavors. We’ve covered everything from understanding what flavored coffee is to helping you choose the best brands and flavors to suit your preferences. So let’s dive in and discover the world of flavored coffee!

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Best flavored coffee

Know that you know what flavored coffee is and how it is made; we have made it easier for you to choose the best-flavored coffee by reviewing some of the top brands on the market. Let’s dive deeper!

New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler Medium Roast Ground Coffee 

New England is one of the companies that has stood the test of time. Started in 1916, this company has gained a reputation for unswervingly great flavored coffee. Its commitment to producing great flavored coffee is still evident today, thanks to its signature blueberry cobbler flavor that is filled with a sweet and juicy berry taste and a touch of spices. It is made from New England Coffee’s signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee, which is certified Kosher and Gluten-free. 

This coffee is perfect for you if craving for something new. We guarantee you will really love this product. You can also try Cinnamon Hazelnut, Donut Shop Blend, and Hazelnut Crème, all of which are great coffee by the same company.

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee

This gourmet caramel coffee is what you exactly need to indulge in some me-time. It comes pre-ground for easy brewing and will all-natural flavors. 

It is purely Arabica, has no taste of chemicals or bitterness, and it is neither too overwhelming nor too subtle. It is one of the caramel coffee that never disappoints.

It is roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana, packed pre-ground for easy brewing, and it is perfect for a refreshing cup of joe.

Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee, Coconut Caramel Crunch Flavor 

This is another flavor you should give a shot. The combination of nutty caramel and tropical coconut and sweet plus the medium roasted beans make this scrumptious ground suitable brew for any occasion. It will surely make you feel like your taste buds are on vacation. In fact, there is a coffee lover who termed it “a taste of heaven” because of its great taste. We are certain you will also give it a name after the first few sips. Give it a try!

Coffee beans used are100% premium arabica and feature a smooth, delicious, and amazing aroma and are roasted to perfection. Not to mention that good farming practices are used to get you the best coffee.

Kauai Coffee is Hawaii’s largest coffee grower, with roughly 4 million coffee trees grown on 3,100 acres.

Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag, Flavored, Highlander Grog

For over 20 years, Cameron’s Coffee has been providing homes and businesses with coffee capsules and instant coffee. The company uses 100% Arabica beans picked from the top 10% of beans around the world.

What we really like about Cameron’s Coffee is its commitment to work with farming communities. Often its representatives meet with farmers to guide them, test their products, and observe their equipment.

The Highlander Grog is rum-flavored with caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla. Other great flavors you can try include: 

  • Vanilla Hazelnut, which consists of high-quality Arabica beans mixed with spicy hazelnuts and vanilla.
  • Chocolate Caramel Brownie, which delivers a creamy, sweet caramel dipped in thick chocolate. 

Dunkin’ Bakery Series Cinnamon Roll Flavored Ground Coffee

Cinnamon Roll Flavored Coffee is what you exactly need to taste subtly cinnamon flavor that will leave your taste buds thankful. This flavorful and smooth roast coffee is uniquely blended and roasted to deliver the same great taste as brewed Dunkin’ coffee prepared in Dunkin’ shops.

This pre-ground coffee is always ready to brew at home and worth every penny. 

What flavored coffee would you like to try first, and why? We would be happy to hear from you!

Understanding Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffee is made by adding natural or synthetic flavorings to coffee beans to enhance their taste. This practice has been around for centuries and is as ancient as coffee itself. Flavors can range from traditional spices, fruits, and flowers to more unique and exotic tastes.<h2 id=”Why-Add-Flavors-to

Why Add Flavors to Coffee?

The origin of flavored coffee dates back to when skyrocketing coffee prices made it challenging for companies to buy high-quality coffee beans. They resorted to using lower quality beans and flavored them with oils to mask the bitterness. Today, flavored coffee is a popular choice for many consumers, and brands continue to innovate with new and enticing flavors.

Choosing High-Quality Flavored Coffee

To select the best flavored coffee, consider the following factors:

  • Flavor concentration: A well-flavored coffee should have an optimal ratio of 1-3mg of flavor per 1kg of coffee. Over-flavoring can indicate low-quality beans. Visit the roaster’s or packaging website to find more information on their flavoring process.
  • Your health: Since our bodies react differently to various substances, it’s essential to consider the ingredients added to the coffee, especially if you have a sensitive body.
  • Flavors: With the evolution of flavoring techniques, you can now find a wide range of flavors to suit your tastes, from classic options like ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon to more adventurous choices like rum, banana, and brioche.

How Flavored Coffee is Made

There are three ways to flavor coffee: artificial flavors, natural flavors, and “flavors identical to natural.” The latter refers to flavors that have a structure coinciding with natural products, meaning they are derived from natural ingredients but may not come directly from the expected source (e.g., a strawberry flavor might come from a raspberry or blueberry). Flavors are applied to coffee beans that have cooled for 10-14 hours after roasting, then mixed in a centrifuge for about 5 minutes.

Flavored Coffee vs. Coffee Syrup


Although some flavors like ginger, hazelnut, and vanilla may sound natural, the process of incorporating these flavors into coffee often involves adding chemicals like propylene glycol to help the taste infiltrate the beans. As a result, pre-flavored coffee beans may not be entirely natural and can have potential health effects, although they are considered safe for consumption. If you prefer a more natural alternative, you can opt for coffee syrups. However, keep in mind that syrups often contain large amounts of sugar, which can also be unhealthy.


With these flavored coffee options, you’re sure to find a new favorite that caters to your unique taste preferences. So go ahead, explore these fantastic flavors, and elevate your coffee experience!

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