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Have you ever wondered how your neighborhood coffee shop’s barista creates the ideal cup of coffee art for you every morning?

No? Using the best cups for latte art will help you develop amazing coffee abilities, so it’s not simply luck that makes it happen. Latte cups are a special kind of cup used for your preferred milk-based beverage, but you need a certain cup to make outstanding coffee art.

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Given the variety of coffee cups available, selecting the right style and brand for your latte might be difficult.

What is latte art?

Pouring a microfoam into an espresso shot to create a pattern or design is the essence of latte art.

Latte art is fun to draw designs on your favorite beverage, regardless of how basic or intricate it is (only for the most hooked, of course).

Best cups for latte art

Coffee Zone Barista Latte Art Cup & Saucer

Are you looking for a fantastic, high-quality, professional barista porcelain cup? You’ll wish you had these when you first discovered lattes when you use The Coffee Zone’s latte art cup and saucer. 

One of our top latte art cups also comes in a full-sized 8.5 oz cup that’s ideal for cappuccino use or if you want to make good latte art. You’ll feel better after using these mugs. The flat bottom is made to help you create latte art that is of the highest caliber. 


  • Holds a sizable amount of coffee
  • Simple and well-balanced design for latte art and daily coffee consumption
  • The saucer and cup are both of very high quality.


  • Expensive 
  • For certain users who enjoy drinking a lot of coffee, it can be little

Sweese 403.403 Cappucino Cup and Saucer Set

This is a single set with a cup and saucer, as opposed to the earlier stackable option. The saucer also makes carrying hot cups a delight, so you would adore this feature. With only 6oz of fluid space, this is also considerably more portable and ideal for a quick, satisfying cup of coffee.


  • Vibrant and gorgeous hues. 
  • No problem with coffee spilling or hands being warm
  • High-quality mugs that easily prepare cappuccinos and latte art. 


  • Maybe too small for some users

Teocera White Porcelain Jumbo Coffee Cups

These Teocera porcelain latte mugs are another excellent option for a broader, larger latte mug. These 16oz cups are ideal for creating latte art and can support any artwork you wish to create on top. 

Use these mugs at home or in the workplace; whichever the case, they are sturdy and provide enough space to create excellent latte art.


  • Superior porcelain that is more wholesome than plastic
  • Perfect for people who enjoy coffee a lot
  • Stain-free cups that are simple to clean


  • These can’t keep beverages hot for very long because of their bigger surface 
  • Heavy to hold

Bodum Bistro Double Wall Latte Cup

For stylish espresso lovers, glass espresso and latte cups are an excellent option because they are elegant and practical. The Bodum Bistro Double Wall Latte Cup is one of the top glass coffee mugs on the market. 

This well-known latte cup is made of mouth-blown glass and has twin walls for insulation. The silicone valve at the bottom also permits pressure fluctuations, eliminating the possibility of glass shattering. 


  • Each handmade pattern is distinct but consistent.
  • Permits prolonged enjoyment of a hot or cold without pain
  • There is no condensation, thus coasters are not required. 
  • Incredible insulation


  • Due to its double-walled construction, does not have a one-piece finish.

Revolution Mod Latte Cup

The line of Revolution modern coffee cups is made for restaurants and will transform your kitchen into a chic espresso bar. This latte cup is made of extremely durable porcelain and can contain up to 12 ounces of coffee.

Due to its superior handle construction for maximum usability and flat bottom design that enhances latte art, this particular mug excels in other comparable white latte cups.


  • 4.8oz capacity
  • Flat bottom for enhanced latte art
  • Comes with a saucer
  • Made of porcelain


  • Available only in white

Norpro My Favorite Jumbo Mugs

This Norpor cup holds 16oz of coffee, which is the same amount as the Teocera Jumbo Coffee Cups. These are white, as opposed to the striking multicolor pair from Teocera. Using the traditional colored cup, prepare some delicious coffee and try your hand at latte art.


  • Excellent space in the cup for floating latte art or marshmallow floats.
  • Traditional, elegant color
  • Cannot be heated in a microwave
  • No matter what is inside, they are easy to grasp because they are not as hefty as soup bowls. 


  • Sometimes the liquid spills when you pour it out of the cup

Frequently asked questions

What kind of milk is best for latte art?

The best latte art designs frequently result from using whole milk with a lot of fat. This is because adding a little froth and heating the milk will prevent it from becoming overly thin.

If you use other milk, the froth you add with your milk steamer at the end of the steaming procedure may come out way too hot or with bubble foam on top. Make sure to use the best milk frothing pitcher for latte art.

What size should a latte cup be?

Latte cups normally come in large cups that accommodate about 5 to 11 ounces of espresso and milk. They are typically shorter in height and slightly wider in diameter. They must have a larger volume to pour the proper amount of milk and microfilm to make a latte that tastes great and is finished with the pattern or design of your choice. 

You’ll frequently end up pouring too much milk into your cup if the cups are too small, leaving you with insufficient space to construct your latte art pattern. 

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