The Best Coffee Thermoses of 2020

Coffee Thermoses

Need help picking the best coffee thermos? Then you have to the right place. Below we have listed the best thermos of 2020, why you need one, and things to consider to select a perfect one. So, make sure to read this article to the very end. 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle 1.1QT Hammertone Green

Our Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is made with superior insulation that keeps liquids (soup, coffee, tea) hot or cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours It’s also made with BPA-free materials, keeping its contents safe to consume

If looking for a thermos that works well with liquids, you won’t go wrong with this one. It can keep tea, coffee, or water, cold or hot for 15 hours and iced for up to 60. Not only that, but it is also available in different sizes, and in blue and green. Besides, it is rust-proof, has a lifetime warranty, and is easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean due to its wide mouth
  • Durable (Coated with hammertone powder)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • BPA-free 
  • Leak-proof
  • Rust-proof
  • A thick outer covering that retains temperature for long hours
  • Excellent vacuum insulation that keeps drinks at the right temperature 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The insulation mechanism is not durable. Some people say it falls apart 
Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

For the long haul: Drinks stay hot up to 7 hours and cold up to 18 with thermalock Vacuum Insulation

Available in a dozen colors, the Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug is one of the popular thermoses on the market that won’t break your bank. It is designed to keep your coffee hot for 5 hours and iced and chilled for up to 12 hours. It is spill-proof, easy-to-use, and the button-release top makes it a convenient and reliable travel mug. 


  • Easy to use. You just push to consume your favorite drink
  • Fits in most of the cup holders
  • The auto-seal function ensures it is spill-proof and leak-proof
  • The lid is dishwasher friendly  
  • Sturdy design with a sleek feel
  • A thermo-lock feature that allows your favorite beverage to remain hot for around 5 hours and cold for around 12 hours


  • Do not overfill; it will spill
  • Body not dishwasher-safe
Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask with Flex Sip Lid

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask with Flex Sip Lid

Keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours when using the lid. Leak-proof lid is BPA-free and phthalate-free

If you are in the market for a spill-proof, classic, and stainless steel thermos that will keep your coffee hot for hours, you won’t regret buying this flask. It is uniquely designed: a sleek cylindrical design, matte-colored steel, and minimalist cap, all of which combine to give this unit a unique look. It keeps coffee hot for 6 hours and iced water chilled for 24, and it is available in different colors, including watermelon, pacific, olive, and sunflower. 


  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free
  • Made of premium grade stainless steel
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation flask made of stainless steel
  • Excellent temperature retention feature that keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 6 hours
  • Available in different colors
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The exterior of the bottle has a matte finish
  • One-handed use
  • Light in weight design
  • Never sweats
  • Leak-proof
  • Fits well under almost all coffee brewing machines
  • Powder-coated for a slip-free and secure hold


  • The residual that accumulates under the lid leaks
  • The lid stinks after a few uses
  • The lid has a  smaller opening to take a sip
Thermos Vacuum Insulated Compact Beverage Bottle

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Compact Beverage Bottle

Thermos vacuum insulation technology locks in temperature to preserve flavor and freshness to keep beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24

We really love this one for its affordability, convenience, reliability, and versatility. It does a good job of keeping coffee hot for 12 hours and iced for 24 hours. Its twist-and-pour top and the compact design makes this thermos a must-have. Give it a try!

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  • Will not leak or spill even when its upside down
  • Vacuum insulation that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drink cold for 24 hours
  • Preserves freshness and flavor of the drinks
  • Made for everyday use and can survive rough handling
  • Light in weight
  • Available in different sizes (16-, 25- or 32-ounce)
  • You just need to twist the stopper to pour your drink
  • Comes with a cup made of stainless steel
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • The exterior doesn’t become hot when you pour hot liquid


  • Some people have lamented of rusting inside the bottle. So, don’t forget to rinse it every day
Thermos Stainless King Travel 16 oz Tumbler

Thermos Stainless King Travel 16 oz Tumbler

Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold.

This wide-mouthed, insulated tumbler fits well in your cup holder and features a teabag hook for tea drinkers. It is available in seven colors, and with or without a handle, this tumbler has a unique, easy-to-use, and spill-proof lid. It keeps your drink hot for 7 hours and cold drinks for around 18 hours. You will love it when traveling as it can hold 16 ounces of tea or coffee. Besides, its exterior and interior prevent sweating. 


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Fits in cup holders of most automobiles
  • Keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold for a longer duration
  • Durable 
  • Sweat-proof bottle when cold liquid is in the bottle. 
  • Easy to clean the bottle
  • Excellent exterior that does not heat up with hot liquid in the bottle
  • BPA-free
  • A slide lock that effortlessly opens the lid


  • Content in the mug will spoil after 24 hours
  • Overfilling the tumbler will lead to spillage
  • If the lid or stopper is poorly positioned, it may lead to leakage
  • No grip on the lid to open the tumbler

Why buy a thermos?

With a good coffee thermos, you can make your brew in a rush and the drink it on the go. Besides, you don’t have to scald your mouth on a boiling cup of java or even forget about it because there is no time to sip it. 

A good thermos is well-constructed, leak-proof, keeps your coffee at the right temperature, and you can take it with your anywhere seamlessly. Luckily, most coffee thermos (including the ones listed above) can be used absolutely anywhere. 

How to pick the best thermos for coffee

Here are some of the things we recommend you to look for to buy the right thermos:


Want your coffee to remain at the right temperature for long? Then you may want to settle for a thermos that is well constructed. Thermos with double-wall stainless steel and vacuum insulated will not let you down as they retain temperature for long hours. 


How much coffee do you consume daily? Is the thermos only going to be used by you or looking to share it with your partner? You should be able to settle for a thermos that can hold enough coffee. Again, if you are constantly on the move, it is ok to consider one that can fit well in car cup holders.  

Design and other features

The design of a thermos can impact its ease of use, and that why it is crucial to pick the one you find more convenient. If you shop around well, be sure you will take home the right unit.

Other features to look for include:

  • Does it have a handle or straps?
  • Ease of cleaning from the inside
  • Does it have a serving cup?
  • Ease of opening and closing the lid or cap

Thermos care and use

It is a breeze to maintain a thermos. Keep it clean all the time and avoid banging it around or dropping it. If you have to toss it in a dishwasher, make sure it is dishwasher-safe to avoid damaging it. If possible, we recommend you handwash your thermos. 

If you take good care of your thermos, be sure it will serve you for many years to come. 

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