Best Coffee Beans For Pour-Over

Best Coffee Beans For Pour-Over


Drinking coffee in the morning is a vital ritual for some people. Some people say that they cannot simply function or start their day without having a steaming mug of coffee presented to them as the first thing in the morning.

Needless to say, the bitter yet savory flavor of coffee has succeeded in making its way right into the hearts of the people.

But what is it exactly that gets people hooked to coffee instantaneously after they try it for the first time? Some researchers say that caffeine is the main culprit behind this addiction. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, what makes coffee an important part of your life is the type of coffee and how you make it.

Among all the different ways to brew coffee, the pour-over method probably provides the most flexibility and the most thrilling experience. Watching the steam waft from fresh grounds is beautiful, and it’s also fun to be able to play with the entire pour process.

The strength, taste, and aroma of a “pour-over coffee” can be credited to the type of coffee beans used for brewing it up.

If you’ve already mastered the blooming phase and the pouring motion, then experiment with one last major variable: bean type.

Using different variety of coffee bean, can make pour-over coffee experience even better, although some flavors appear better than others.

Is pour over coffee worth it?

Yes! Pour over coffee brewing is definitely worth the effort. It’s mentally rewarding and produces delicious coffee. The taste and aroma of coffee mainly depend on the type and brand of coffee beans used, let’s go through the best types of coffee beans that are used for a pour-over coffee, which ensure that 100% strong, and rich flavor is provided, that works its magic on the coffee consumer, and gets him going along for the day!

These coffee beans are listed in no particular order and can be bought as per preference, and their availability. However, we do suggest that the best way out is to purchase whole coffee beans, and then grind them using a burr grinder to achieve the desired consistency of coffee powder, which would help create the perfect cup of coffee.

Best coffee beans for pour over

Volcanica Coffee – Ethiopian Origin Coffee from the Yirgacheffe Region.

Volcanica coffee

Price Range: $18.99- $19.99


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee is eminent across the world due to its acrid,wine-like and fruity flavor. It is named after its genesis, Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. But what’s so special about Ethiopian Yirgacheffe? Actually, this region grows coffee beans at a very high altitude where the growth is delayed, leading to more accumulation of nutrients giving it a unique flavor.

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The light, yet sure presence of the fruity aroma and flavor enhances the quality of the coffee, while the pleasantly acidic taste makes sure to make the drinking coffee a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

It is a dry-processed coffee. And since it is grown organically, it is nothing but enriched with the exotic nature’s goodness, and authentic taste of a fruity and flavorful coffee all along.

The different flavors experienced through this brand of coffee beans include dark chocolate, strawberry, pineapple guava, lavender flowers, and cinnamon, along with the perfect blend of oils present in the coffee beans.


Fresh Roasted Coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu:

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Price Range: $25.95- $47.95


These coffee beans originate in the “Land of the saints”, also known as “Costa Rica” to all. This coffee is mainly planted, processed, and then sun-dried in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

This coffee is an intensely flavored coffee that contains deep undertones of honey and chocolate, along with a spiking acidic flavor.

The beans are medium roasted, but the flavor that it will impart to your cup of coffee is unmatched, and fully earned for its minimal price.

The only downside of this product is that it lacks a bit in the oil department. There aren’t many oils included in the coffee beans of this brand, yet the rich flavors of honey and chocolate are present to ease you up and compensate for the lacking. 


Real Good Coffee Co. French Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee:

Real Good Coffee Co

Price Range: $24.99


The coffee beans are grown in the Central and Southern parts of America and are roasted in Seattle, where they get properly packaged, and then are moved into the markets.

These darkly roasted, whole coffee beans impart a bold and strong flavor to the coffee, with a sweet finish, which is probably the best way to kick start one’s day!

It contains rich and flavorful undertones of raspberries blended with undertones of dark chocolate that give it a rich, Mediterranean spice vibe. It also contains the oils, and together both the rich taste and oils help in making this the perfect choice of coffee beans.

It comes in four different variants which include: Breakfast, Donut Shop, Organic, and French Roast. These variants are available as dark, medium and light blends. 

Overall, this coffee is loved by a lot of coffee lovers, and rightfully so, for it has the perfect taste and aroma.


Lavazza Gran Filtro Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast:

Lavazza Gran Filtro Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Price Range: $20.99


The Lavazza Gran Filtro Whole Bean coffee has been the premium choice for brewing up ‘pour-over coffee’ for a long time. It is made from roasted and blended 100% Arabica coffee beans. The specialty of this coffee lies in its very rich aromatic taste, which makes it a perfect choice for brewing up some pour-over coffee. Moreover, apart from its sweet and rich aroma, it also consists of slight hints of fruity undertones, which even make it taste, and smell better.

This is a must-try coffee for people who want to experience a rich, and tasty Italian coffee.

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Hawaiian Gold Kona Medium Roast Gourmet Blend Whole Bean Coffee:

Hawaiian Gold Kona Medium Roast Gourmet Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Price Range: $29.95


Harvested and roasted in one of the largest islands of Hawaii, called Kona Island, these beans are rich in taste and aroma. The special thing about these coffee beans is that they are roasted in small batches, instead of large, to ensure that each bean is roasted to perfection. The coffee has a rich taste and smooth texture and is free from all kinds of bitter aftertastes, and aromas. It has an included flavor of herbs and sweet flowers, with an added overtone of nut, adding to its rich and dark taste.


What grind of coffee is best for Pour over?

A medium-fine grind is usually best for a 400ml brew. Expect to change finer or coarser depending on the batch size. If you prefer to eye-ball the grinding try to a coarseness resembling sea salt.

Why is my pour over coffee bitter?

You should then adapt to taste. In general, we recommend a 1:17 coffee-to-water ratio. If your coffee tastes low or bitter, you should make your grind finer. If it’s too salty, change your grind to make it coarser.

How much ground coffee do I use for a pour over?

We use 1.6–2 grams per fluid ounce of water; our recipe produces about 17 ounces (500 grams) of brewed coffee. Do not fill a dripper or basket more than 1/2–1/3 full of ground coffee to ensure sufficient coffee/water touch. Average brew time of 3–4 minutes.

Can you use pre ground coffee for Pour over?

You can use pre-ground coffee as well, won’t judge you :). But if you want to get the most out of your coffee,use freshly ground coffee. It makes all the difference. Pour over will brew the best when using a medium grind, but you can also go a bit finer or coarser.

How many grams of coffee for a 12 oz pour over?

For 12 oz, you’ll need 21 grams of coffee. You’ll need 36 grams of coffee for a 20-oz cup. Set your brewer on a coffee scale for measurement.


So, to conclude, all the coffee bean brands defined above, have their own list of pros and cons but have been carefully researched to make sure that only the best ones get added to this list. These brands are all definitely going to make your coffee journey an everlasting, and joyful one, and will make sure that you end up loving your morning, (or any time’s) coffee a worthwhile, and much anticipated for the time of the day.