Baratza Vario Review: The All-Purpose Coffee Grinder

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The coffee grinder you settle for can determine whether you will enjoy your brew. But which grinder does a decent job? 

This piece reviews one of the grinders we really love: Baratza Vario. We have used it several times, and it has never disappointed. We are certain you will also love it.

Baratza Vario

Baratza Vario Overview

Baratza Vario is heaven-sent. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive panel that allows you to adjust the grinding time and the grind size. Its unique dual-cam grind adjustment further allows you to fine-tune your grind across a whopping 230 settings. 

These settings are easy to switch between, making it a great unit for anyone who drinks different types of coffee drinks. Not forgetting its compact body style and satin finish nickel-plated accents. Overall, this powerful ceramic burr grinder impresses its high performance and flexibility. 

Key features

Baratza Vario

Digital control panel

The easy-to-use and intuitive panel with three programmable options allows for grind time setting within 0.1 seconds (about 0.2 gram). By just pressing the start button, the Vario will automatically deliver.


It comes with 54 mm professional ceramic flat burrs that produce accurate grinding and high throughput and remains sharp for twice as long as the highest quality steel burrs. It can grind 2.2 grams/second at Press and 1.6 grams/second at Espresso.

We like its narrow particle distribution (lack of fines) and a broad range of grind (230 microns to 1150 microns).


It is professionally calibrated at the factory to an accurate range of grind. It can also be calibrated using a unique tool that comes with it.

Grind adjustment 

It offers both micro and macro adjustments that allow you to dial in the exact grind for the perfect shot. The macro adjusts moves from Espresso to press pot in 10 unique and repeatable settings. The micro-adjust arm further divides each of the 10 macro steps into 20 distinct settings. 


Its burrs are easily removable, making cleaning a breeze. 

Brewing methods 

Suitable for both manual and espresso brewing methods.

Grinds left in the grinder

To maximize freshness, the Vario reduces the ground coffee left in the grinder.


The Vario comes with a powerful built-in motor that effortlessly drives the burrs. It turns slowly, resulting in cool and quiet operation, and allows long grinding duty cycles. The motor whips the burrs around at 1350 RPM, making short work of beans and dispensing them directly into an awaiting portafilter or enclosed 5 oz. Grounds container.

Portaholder and a grounds bin

It comes standard with a heavy-duty metal potholder and regular 180g grounds bin.

Accessories (which may be bought separately)

Shutoff hopper

A 300g hopper with the ability to remove it from the grinder while the beans are still in it, enabling easier changeover of beans!

Hopper extender

An extension that can add 275g to the existing bean hopper. Numerous extenders can be added to get to the capacity you need.

Why buy it?

  • Commercial-Grade: It has the same high-quality design features as professional grinders.
  • Digital display: The clear, intuitive, and easy-to-read display tells you the weight value you are grinding.
  • Precision grind adjustment: It will get you precise grinds.
  • Durability: The Baratza Vario is designed to serve you for years. There is evidence of buyers who have used it for nearly a decade and are still happy. Besides, it is durable enough to be used in a commercial setting. 

Don’t purchase it if …

Looking for a cheap burr grinder

If you are on a tight budget and still want freshly ground coffee, we recommend trying the Cuisinart Supreme Grind. Though its grind is less consistent than more expensive models, it won’t break the bank, plus it is ideal when brewing drip coffee. 

You want a grinder with a fun style. 

In this case, try the Bodum Bistro, a funky design available in four eye-catching colors. It grinds fairly consistently and is made from materials that reduce static cling.

You are a newbie but still want a consistent grinder

If you have to drop some dollars for the most consistent grind, it is worth splashing out a bit more for the Baratza Encore – has a stellar reputation. 

Too much of a good thing 

A score of grinding options can equal frustration when changing grinds for a new batch of beans

  • French Press 
  • Drip Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Fine Drip / Pour Over

Tips! Remember to have the grinder running when you change the grind settings.

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