Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machines

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machines

Automated pour-over coffee is a pour-over coffee that has been brewed not manually but through an automated coffee brewing machine. The invention of an automated coffee the making machine brought a revolution in the life of people, as using this machine, people were finally able to brew up coffee with no hassles, and messes. Also by using this machine for coffee brewing, they were able to save a lot of time on the clock, because with an automated coffee making machine, there was no need at all to wait for the water to heat up, then pouring the water in intervals, and finally get to drink a mug of coffee after all of this.  

Pour-over coffee has been the favorite coffee of many people for decades, and in the modern world, with so many changes taking place, the old, traditional methods of brewing up coffee are seldom used. Now automated pour-over coffee makers are used to prepare a fresh cup of coffee within minutes.  

In the following section, we have gathered some of the best quality automated pour-over coffee makers, which have been carefully selected to ensure that only the best ones get added to the list. A detailed overview of each product is given below. So, without any further delay, let us see what each coffee maker has in store for us, and select one according to our preference. 

Overview of the Best Automated Pour Over Coffee Makers 

The products listed below are not arranged in any particular order. You can select the one, after going through the details of each, that suits best your needs

Bonavita Connoisseur Pour Over Coffee Brewer (Automatic)

Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

This powerful, and beautifully designed coffee making machine from Bonavita is the perfect appliance to invest in if you want a coffee maker that significantly contributes to making your kitchen appear appealing and filled with a great quality gadget.


This coffee maker is available in a single, chromatic shade only.  

Cup Capacity:  

This coffee maker will prepare about 8 mugs of coffee at a single time. 


This automatic coffee maker machine is about 12 inches in height.  


This coffee making machine weighs about 6.13 lbs.  

About the Product: 

The Bona Vita Connoisseur One Touch Coffee Maker, appears to be a tough, old-style appliance, is actually a very advanced coffee making machine. It is geared up with all the latest technology trends, which make the art of getting your coffee automatically brewed up easier than ever. 

This pour-over coffee making machine has been programmed to prepare 8 mugs of coffee, in 6 minutes only. The machine produces a sound signal when coffee is brewed up.

This appliance maintains the inner carafe temperature at around 195-205 Fahrenheit, a temperature that is optimal for brewing coffee, and also helps in retaining the heat of the coffee and water mixture.  

It has a showerhead design, which was introduced for the purpose of evenly distributing the water to all the coffee granules present in the hanging basket.  

The hanging filter basket is an additional feature included in this coffee maker.  This filter basket ensures that the flavor has been equally extracted from all the coffee bean grounds and works in association with the showerhead to impart maximum taste and flavor.  

Other Additional Features include a “pre-infusion” mode in the coffee maker’s setting. This feature stops the brewing process momentarily and allows the coffee bean grounds to seep in, or absorb all the moisture that they need from the water, in order to enrich the final coffee with their maximum flavors.  

Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker 

OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Though expensive, Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker offers a wide set of functionalities, which completely justifies the price.  


It is available in a single color of silver. The base is colored black which makes it appear as an attractive, and eye-catching kitchen appliance. 

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Cup Capacity: 

This automated coffee making machine has the capability of preparing about 2 to 9 mugs of coffee at a single time. 


This coffee making machine measure about 8.5 inches. 


The coffee-making machine weighs around 8 lbs. 

About the Product: 

The OXO Brew 9-cup automatic pour-over coffee making machine is a compact, and easy to use kitchen device which can brew a perfect mug of pour-over coffee whenever and wherever required.  

This coffee maker has been programmed through a microprocessor, which imitates the traditional way of brewing coffee, the way pour-over coffee was brewed previously, and yields 2-9 mugs of delicious coffee. 

The inner temperature of the thermal carafe of the coffee making machine is maintained around 197.6-205 Fahrenheit, an ideal temperature for brewing a piping hot mug of pour-over coffee. 

It also has a shower head that ensures the equal distribution of water over the coffee granules. Moreover, It has an LED-based interface, to control all the operations such as the number of mugs and time required to brew, through a single dial system. This LED interface has a clock in it, so it would prepare the coffee at the same time that you have entered in it, even if it’s at 3 a.m. in the morning!  

The LED interface keeps the user updated with the status of the coffee being brewed inside. 

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer 

Sleek and stylish, along with a polished body, the Technivorm Moccamaster is an advanced automatic coffee making machine, that is known to brew a barista-style coffee, in an easy way. 



It comes in a great variety of shades.  A few of these shades include Polished Silver, Polished Brass, Matte Black, White, Brick Red, Off White, Matte Silver, Truffle, Pistachio, Royal Blue, Orange, Turquoise, and many more! 

Cup Capacity: 

This coffee maker can brew up to 10 cups, or 1.24 liters of coffee at a time. 


This coffee making machine measures about 14 inches in height. 


The Technovorm coffee making machine weighs around 6 lbs. 

About the Product: 

The very first feature that catches the attention of a user, is that this coffee maker has a glass carafe, complemented with an automatic drip-free brew basket, that will take care to immediately stop the flow of coffee as soon as the carafe is pulled away, due to any reason. This coffee maker can brew up to 10 mugs of coffee, with a preparation time of about 6 minutes.  

The hot plate, on which the coffee is placed, remains hot for about a time period of 1 hour 30 minutes, after which it is automatically turned off to prevent any mishaps or accidents from occurring. 

This hot plate, which is responsible for not only holding the coffee but also for maintaining its temperature, keeps on rolling heat into the coffee mixture, to ensure that a completely hot mug of coffee is prepared for the drinker.  


All in all, the variety of automated coffee makers as discussed above might have cleared some if not all of the queries and confusion that you might have regarding how to select a great quality coffee maker.  

One can easily go through all the specifications as stated above and select the one that best suits their needs!  

As far as the question that, which is the best-automated coffee maker, is concerned, then all of these automated coffee makers are the best ones in their field, and all of them will surely offer a delicious, aromatic and delectable serving of coffee.