Americano vs. Latte: Which One is Better For You?

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There are many coffee options in coffee shops these days, and making a decision on which drink to pick may be a bit difficult. Out of these numerous options, the Americano and the Latte are two of the most popular and sophisticated choices. Let’s see what is so great about these coffee drinks.

Americano & Latte – How They Differ

While both are part of the espresso family, there are more discrepancies than similarities between an American and a latte. They can be split into three fundamental differences. Here’s your breakdown:

americano vs latte


  • Made with only espresso and hot water
  • Bold and intense flavor
  • Served black but sweeteners can be added


  • Made with espresso and steamed milk
  • Rich, creamy flavor
  • Think & creamy consistency and foamy

Here’s the full breakdown of both of the espresso beverages:


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Americano is a mixture of water with two shots of espresso. Although it seems so simple, on a deeper level, it is a lot more.

It’s much better than what the normal black coffee can give them; it is not harsh, burnt, or sour. Americano coffee is what you love about drip coffee. It is tasty, relatively inexpensive, and it tastes just like a coffee cup is supposed to taste.

Americanos are made from pleasant blended espresso grounds from different sources around the world. When you try it, you may not taste all sources—because many brewers have their different Americano recipes.

It would be best if you went for a bold espresso, with a harsh and tongue-burning taste that can overwhelm your senses when you want to brew your drink. How you want it depends on how you intend to unlock its flavor with water, So dilute it based on your taste and preference.


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 It is the creamiest of the choices for espresso. It consists of an espresso shot and some two-thirds of a cup of steamed milk. A layer of foamed milk is put on it.

You will certainly enjoy every sip of a latte if you love the vivid taste of fresh-brewed espresso and the calming taste of warm milk. But that’s not where it ends. Some people, for health reasons, go for lattes as their morning coffee drink. The right nutrients are contained in a cup of latte. It provides vital milk nutrients, including calcium for strong bones and protein for repairing tissues and muscles.

The Perfect Americano At Home

Place about 3oz of a shot of espresso in a bottle. For a stronger effect, you can add more espresso. Next, fill your cup with about 3oz of hot water. Put the espresso shot in your cup, and drink after stirring properly. It is that easy. You may put the shot in the water as well or vice versa.

How to Make a Latte

It’s easy to make your latte, even without a decent espresso machine, because you need to pour hot milk into your espresso.

Using a large and shallow coffee cup is preferable, as this is where you pour the espresso or coffee. Next, add as much foam as you prefer. There are several recipes for lattes that you can try. You can add extracts, cinnamon, or nutmeg to your latte for a start.

If you want to substitute brewed coffee for a latte or an Americano, you can do it yourself. Try making your recipes; you will certainly enjoy these caffeinated beverages that can help start your day.


Either drink will work if you want anything to wake you up beyond the usual cup of coffee, but not too overwhelming. If you want a dairy-free, low-calorie, or near-average home-brew cocktail, go for the Americano. If you’re a dairy-lover, have a sweet tooth, or hate a heavy coffee taste, the latte is your best choice.

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