What is the Difference Between Americano vs. Coffee?

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If you are a true caffeine enthusiast, you probably know by now that the coffee world has reached far beyond what normal people know. There are a lot of coffee variants available, but an average person may only be able to name a few or pinpoint what differs one coffee type from another.

In this article, we will learn more about Americano and brewed coffee. They are not the same, but you may not know their difference. 

american vs coffee

Cafe Americano

Americano is prepared with hot water combined with espresso. Espresso is brewed by pushing hot water at high pressure to force the grinding of the coffee beans. This results in an intensely flavored cup of Joe.

How is Americano made?

We have already established that Americano requires an espresso shot at the very least, so to make one from scratch, you need to know how to make an espresso. To make an espresso, you should use a special coffee maker. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to use a regular coffee device.

Once you have an espresso, pour a three-ounce shot into a larger cup. After that, pour hot water twice the amount of the espresso. Mix and add any sugar, cream, honey, or add-ons of your choice, and voila! You have yourself a cup of cafe Americano! 

Although you are free to add any sweeteners to your liking, take note that the traditional ones are usually served in black. 

How is brewed coffee made?

Compared to an Americano, brewed coffee is a lot simpler. There is no need for pressurized water. It may be poured manually or dripped by a machine over your coffee grounds. Although both methods can successfully brew your coffee, how they do it is slightly different.

Drip machines control how the water comes in contact with the coffee beans, which usually uses a “sprinkler head” to disperse the water evenly. On the other hand, the pour-over method allows you to control the volume and pace of water pouring manually. This is why up to this day, some coffee lovers still prefer the latter method.

Americano vs. brewed coffee

Cafe Americano is a less concentrated espresso because it has been diluted with hot water. In other words, it tastes like a milder espresso.

Because of how it was prepared, an Americano will be on the roasted side with more complex flavors than brewed coffee. However, the Americano dilutes it closer to the taste of a good ol’ brewed caffeine filter.

Caffeine content

An Americano is a type of coffee made with two espresso shots and hot water. Generally, a cup of brewed coffee has more caffeine than an Americano, with 95 to 200 mg of caffeine per 8 ounces of regular brewed coffee.

An Americano with two espresso shots has 136 mg of caffeine, making it lower in caffeine compared to regular coffee.

However, the difference in caffeine content between an Americano and drip coffee isn’t too significant. In cases where a double shot of espresso is used for an Americano, the caffeine content will be twice as much as an Americano made with just one shot.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s preference which type of coffee they prefer for their desired level of caffeine content.

Taste Comparison

An Americano and drip coffee offer two distinct tastes for the coffee enthusiast. An Americano is a dilute espresso, making it stronger than drip coffee and often sourer. On the other hand, drip coffee is usually more acidic and nuanced in its taste.

The difference in taste comes from the way in which each drink is brewed, with an Americano having a combination of espresso shots and hot water, while brewed coffee is created by infusing coffee beans with hot water.

On the other hand, it does not taste the same as a straight shot of espresso either. Ultimately, whether an individual coffee tastes better as an Americano or brewed coffee depends on the particular beans used.

While some may prefer the bold flavor of an Americano, others may opt for the more nuanced flavor of drip coffee. Whichever you choose, you can be sure to enjoy a unique and flavorful experience.

Which is Cheaper

Regarding cost, brewed coffee is almost always cheaper than an Americano. This is because it can be made with a simple brewing technique and doesn’t require an expensive espresso machine.

On the other hand, making an Americano at home requires an espresso machine, which can be quite costly even for a basic model. It is not unusual for an Americano to cost the same as a milk-based coffee drink like a cappuccino.

However, the overall cost of coffee drinks can vary greatly depending on where you purchase them and certain factors, such as the price of espresso beans.


Can a Nespresso machine produce an Americano?

The newer models of Nespresso machines, such as the Essenzza Mini, boast a built-in Americano feature. These machines will give you a cup of an Americano with a button push. 

However, if you have the older Nespresso machines, you can easily brew a lungo or ristretto shot, then pour in hot water after.

Can you order an Americano with milk?

It’s okay to ask for some milk to add to your Americano, and don’t worry about being looked down on by baristas or coffee snobs. Millions of people substitute milk and sugar with hot water with an espresso shot to get a great flavor balance to their taste.


The main point of difference between brewed coffee and an Americano is that an Americano is made with an espresso shot, while brewed coffee is not. Due to its dilution, a Cafe Americano is less intense in taste.

We are sure that you’ll enjoy either way, whichever you choose, because both variants make great cups of your much-needed caffeine rush.


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